News Item: 5.13 - Recovery
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Sunday 24 May 2009 - 00:06:16

Location: Central City, Tiera, Gaia

Through much investigation on the part of Maeve, the Dimensional Warriors learned that David Xanatos, Puck and Fox had been taken prisoner by Division Six and RM Corp. It wasn't until the Xanatos Corporation came forward with money to sponsor an operation however, that an incursion into the secret underground lab beneath the RM Corp Headquarters in Central City was planned. Kaijo began planning a massive multi-phase rescue operation to break the trio out of holding, and Edward was tasked with hacking into the corporate database. The stage was set for the Dimensional Warriors to execute a precision strike against the producers of the 3A line that powered the Hikaru Military.

The task was daunting, the site was a corporate stronghold lined with a concrete perimeter defense. Hundreds of thousands of incomplete 3A defense drones sat on site awaiting activation, and a whole host of MDB - Massive Destruction Bots - sat waiting to thwart an invasion. Beneath the surface of the compound, an underground complex used to research dangerous robotic technology also housed the threat of a rogue Division Six base. A single alarm could incinerate the entire complex, killing the captured civilians and any intruders in the process.

Under cover of dusk, the group began their multi faceted plan. One team would seize control of the health center and capture employee identification cards. Then, a team of snipers would cover the group as an incursion team, one diversionary and one intent on breaching the lab, made their way into the compound. The lab team would locate the hostages, free them, and report for extraction, while the diversion team attacked the main offices. Finally, a fifth team comprised of Rikku, Rodney and Nowe, would fly a cloaked puddle jumper onto the roof of their production center and detonate an explosive to stop production of the 3A line.

The initial plan went off without a hitch. The group breached successfully, and the Diversion team managed to breach the tower and secure RM Corp leader, President Paradim. Meanwhile, the lab team attempted to breach the underground facility, but ran into a problem when a Division Six squad, lead by rogue leader Colonel Frost, was waiting in an ambush position. Things seemed fairly bleak until Edward again hacked the 3A drones, turning the tables and forcing Frost to stand down. A call from Paradim to the lab also ensured security would not intervene. The lab team made their way to the containment bay and freed not only David and Fox Xanatos, but also Puck and an unknown fourth. The fourth, Magus, insisted upon being allowed to free a comrade in the high security research bay across the hall.

The group made their way into the room, and freed three hostages in the bay. While two joined the Dimensional Warriors, the third instead began to attack the security guards immediately, acquiring a chain gun and firing upon anything that got in his way without a second thought. During the extraction phase, the group evacuated via Fockewulf as the military moved in, detonating the production facility as they went. As the group disappeared into the sunset, they watched as one lone security guard armed with a chain gun made his way out of the lab, engaging the Tieran military alone.

The military body count was in the news the following day. The lone security guard was not among them...

Event Complete
Mission: Accomplished

Mission XP Total: 20 XP earned (See Bonus Section)


30,000 Credits (per person)

Goodies Found:


Bonus XP:

Strategic Planning - 2 xp: Kaijo
Minimal Body Count - 5 xp: All Members

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