News Item: 6.34: A Line in the Sand & 6.35: Simon Says 'Oh Shit'
(Category: Plot Event)
Posted by Daedalus
Tuesday 01 May 2012 - 21:17:45

Summary pending.

Event 6.34: A Line in the Sand
-Experience: 20 (Double to those under 1500 xp)
--MVP: Jericho 15 XP (For wiping out the RAY units and avoiding a boss fight)
--MVP: Tony - 15 XP for correctly naming Arcadia as Hans' destination (I saw the logs from that room) to a character of your choice
--MVP: Axel - 30 XP (For clearing out the anti-air turrets as well as other things in the Interceptor)
Event 6.35: Simon Says 'Oh Shit'
-Experience: 50 XP (Double to those under 1500 xp)
--MVP #1: Ashton Anchors - 40XP for doing serious damage to the final boss of a MAJOR plot arc as a new character and bypassing the stairwell traps
--MVP #2: Mikoto - 30XP for successfully grabbing the RCP-120 from Hans
--Honorable Mention award: Thalia - 15 xp for successfully not only hitting Hans, but doing very respectable damage to him as a character -intro'd- during the final event

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