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How to sign up/Character Creation Guide

Step 1: Register for the Forums

Go onto the forums (here) and register for a new account. The account will be used to sign into the character creation form later.

Step 2: Read the Character Creation Section

Most of this is simple and straight forward, but it will give you an idea of what your character sheet will consist of, how the system works, and what you have available to use. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the IRC room.

[b]Step 3: Log onto the wiki sheet.

Visit OUT OF ORDER . Login using your forum information. This is an automated sheet that will fill in the character form for you.


Open up the character sheet itself under the Character Creation section. Don't panic!! It really isn't that bad.

Choose Page 2 (Using the Wikiform) if you want to continue using the automated form, or choose Page 3 (Using the sheet) if you'd rather complete the manual form. Its recommended that you use the wikiform for your first character.

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Your currently browsing the Dimensional War RPG portal page as an unregistered user. From here, you can access the message board to browse information about character creation, or browse the wiki to see the games in character encyclopedia.

If your looking for a place to get started, the How to Join section will walk you through character creation, and of course, your always welcome to sit in on a session by joining irc.sorcery.net, #dimensional_war_rpg (or you can use our live java applet).

Once your a member, you'll be able to sign in here to sign up for an RSS feed of the latest plot information, access your webmail and post on the board. Welcome to the game :)

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