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Plot Event

6.34: A Line in the Sand & 6.35: Simon Says 'Oh Shit'
Summary pending.

Event 6.34: A Line in the Sand
-Experience: 20 (Double to those under 1500 xp)
--MVP: Jericho 15 XP (For wiping out the RAY units and avoiding a boss fight)
--MVP: Tony - 15 XP for correctly naming Arcadia as Hans' destination (I saw the logs from that room) to a character of your choice
--MVP: Axel - 30 XP (For clearing out the anti-air turrets as well as other things in the Interceptor)
Event 6.35: Simon Says 'Oh Shit'
-Experience: 50 XP (Double to those under 1500 xp)
--MVP #1: Ashton Anchors - 40XP for doing serious damage to the final boss of a MAJOR plot arc as a new character and bypassing the stairwell traps
--MVP #2: Mikoto - 30XP for successfully grabbing the RCP-120 from Hans
--Honorable Mention award: Thalia - 15 xp for successfully not only hitting Hans, but doing very respectable damage to him as a character -intro'd- during the final event
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6.33: Fall of the Black Arms
Recap pending.

Event 6.33: Fall of the Black Arms - Completed
Part 1: Vision of Invisibility
Base XP: 25
MVP: Misha, Mikoto (Thermite maneuver): 10
Part 2: Robotic Megafact Corporation
Base XP: 35
MVP: Edward, Saber: 10
Part 3: Matango Facility
Base XP: 30
MVP: None
Double xp for those under 1500 points
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6.32: The Patron of Viothesia
The mission started like most do; a meeting. Jerico had called most of the group to his home in preparation for a trip to an opera house in Viothesia, Aquas. It turns out that Jerico had gotten an invite, which included several others for any he wished to bring.

Departing the ship via stargate, the group was greeted in Arcadia with their own private jet, which they eventually left for a limo ride, complete with wine. Eventually moving into the opera house proper, the party walked up to the receptionist, who directed them to a booth in the upper reaches of the auditorium. Reaching the booth, they were greeted by another employee. This time their arrival was questioned, but with the tickets in hand, and a little work from the employee, they were eventually let in, being given a special silver case with ear-pieces within.

Moving into the booth and slipping in their ear-pieces, the party was greeted with a Black Arms meeting. Choosing to stay quiet, keeping the mute function on their ear-pieces turned on, the group listened into the meeting between the heads of the organization, Hans included. They learned of the location of the organization's bases, some of their armaments, the involement of RM Corp and their forthcoming attempt to disappear off of DW's radar, and that Lee Jordan was actually still alive.

The meeting drew to a close.. however, Hans requested the opinions of those in box 23.. Thinking they were found, most of DW chose to remain silent, however the Director of Intelligence noted that there wasn't supposed to be anyone in the booth. As Akera moved to look around, so did Hans, looking towards their booth. He easily spotted Akera, muttering the words "Good god" before Jerico managed to spot a sniper on the cat-walks high above. The sniper was in cloaked garb, toting a solid state rifle.. as he hefted it up and brought the scope to his eye, it became obvious he was aiming at.. Hans.

As the cloaked figure is about to pull the trigger, he is suddenly attacked from behind by a guard. The bullet strikes the railing. Jerico quickly moves out of the booth, Axel on his six as they both move towards Hans' booth. As they both arrive, they see Hans leaping from the booth over the railing, catching a guide-wire for the chandelier. It rips from the wall as he swings down towards the ground, de-stabilizing the structual integrety of the center piece. Hans meanwhile lands on center-stage, the cloaked figure however drop-kicks the guard before the chandelier begins to plummet into the crowd below, actually taking the catwalk with it to a degree.

Jerico jumps down the three stories to the floor with a dull thud, Axel trying to follow as best he can as the rest of the party begins to chase after Hans. Sebastian however went to help the cloaked figure, who was now hanging by his gloved hands on the edge of the catwalk. Kuja pulled into the lead admist burning props and walls as the Opera house began to catch aflame. The party moved back stage and into the maintenance areas of the opera house, chasing after Hans, though eventually coming to a blockade of sorts. Director Sun, of Assasination, and two Elite soldiers.

The soldiers were sent by Sun to go assist Hans in escape, before he proceeded to do battle with the group. Surprisingly, he was honorable in doing so, only choosing to attack those who could defend themselves. Due to this honor, however, the group started questioning his morals, and eventually the battle became a discussion of honor. After enough talk, the group finally manages to convince Sun to join them, risks aside.

This is interrupted, however, when Sebastian comes on DW's communications channel, alerting the party that some sort of 'mechanical beast' had just burst out of the street. Moving to the outside of the opera house, the group soon learns what the beast was; a Metal Gear Ray, modified slightly by Black Arms their own ends. As it turns out, the mech was in the area, but Hans didn't with to 'waste an opertunity'. .. However, as the party soon found out, the mech was under remote control.

The group dashed into the opera house again as the mech layed waste to an entire street admist a shower of bullets. Jerico however stayed behind, -leaping- up onto the mech before attempting to rip open its cockpit.. and failing. He was soon thrown off, sent crashing through the main doors of the building. As the party dashed through the isles towards the stage, the mech tore the building asunder, pushing in and tearing down the upper seats before firing a barrage of missiles towards the group. A few were knocked unconscious, though they were picked up by their peers while Sebastian was saved by the cloaked figure. As they reached the stage, the mech let loose another hail of deadly fire from its metal storm turrets, though most of the party managed to out-run the blast while those who couldn't took cover. Once the carnage was over, Kuja let loose a bolt of lightning before the party moved into the maintenance area again, thankfully somewhere the mech couldn't access.

There they forumulated a plan, with Sun's assistance. He ordered his forces to head to the park to make a last stand against the behemoth before the party began to race through the tunnels towards the park. Eventually stepping out into fresh air, they were greeted with a small military force under control of General Graham. The military in the area had been setting up a series of defenses, setting up barricades at key points, and in the very back line, a massive rail gun; an experimental peice of artillery that could punch through an aircraft carrier.

The plan at this point became simple; delay the mech as long as possible in order to stall for the assemply, and eventual firing of the rail gun.

The mech rounded a corner, bearing down on the assembled force. Members of DW took up positions on the front line, picking up missile launchers and mounting emplaced flak cannons behind sandbags. They began firing. Shooting missiles into it's head and legs, attempting to slow it down while Daedalus and Nowe took to the skies, circling around it for fire breath attacks. Vrentric himself actually bolts out of an alleyway, picking up a car and -slamming- it into the mech's leg. The mech.. actually turns to stare down at Vrentric in what could be seen as 'annoyance', before moving to open it's 'mouth', revealing a huge turbine dripping with water. It suddenly revs up to a high rpm, before trying to blast Vren with a highly pressurized stream of water. He -narrowly- manages to avoid it, the water cutting a massive trough through several decks of the city. The demon doesn't waste any time in seeking cover while the rest of the party resumes the onslaught.

Axel, Sun, and the cloaked figure continue the barrage, Axel pounding away with his flak cannon, and Sun with his. The figure however stands with a single javelin launcher, sending a missile to take out two more of it's flak cannons, assumingly taking out it's air defenses. The mech sends another hail of suppressive fire at the fortification, devestating the front lines. This however draws a surpising yell from the cloaked figure, yelling out in a voice reminiscent of Lee Jordan's.

Nowe sends out another beam of energy as Jack fires his two missiles at the mech, both managing to damage it significantly. Kaijo meanwhile makes his way towards Jerico. The mech turns towards Daedalus, revving up its turbines as it unleashes its hyrdo cannon again, slicing off a wing and sending the dragon plummeting. Kaijo meanwhile hefts up Jerico over his shoulder, moving to carry him towards the back lines.

Vrentric meanwhile moves below the city, preparing for the mech healing itself again through the water ways underneath the city streets. Sure enough, the mech jams it's left foot into the street, sucking up water through the turbines and healing itself.. however, as it does this, Vrentric jams his sword into the mechanism, successfully disabling it.. but not before Kuja sends another lightning into it. Unfortunately, Vrentric is the ground, and ends up taking damage from the blast as well, knocking him out.

Topside, the remaining soldiers at the first line retreat, leaving Axel to fire another salvo into the mech before.. the mech crouches down, suddenly leaping forwards to grind along its hull into the first line. Axel hops out of the turret and books it as the first line is annihilated, the mech moving to stand again.

The mech sends another barrage of missiles at the collected force, gravely injuring Axel while the cloaked figure dives out of the way of his own missile, rolling down the incline as his hood comes loose. It is in fact Lee Jordan, though he quickly moves to hide his face again before anyone else can notice.

The battle against the Metal Gear rages onward, the mech sending another hail of suppressive fire towards the fortifications as Kaijo fires off another missile towards its right leg, the mech actually hunkering down in an attempt to protect it, halting its advancement for a short time while Dynamis searches for Vrentric.

Aziel summons up magic, contorting the field the mech is standing on and severely damaging it's right leg, assumably disabling its ability to heal itself. Strato however notches an arrow on his bow, sending one, then another arrow into the mech's knees before Kuja unleashes another massive lightning strike, severely damaging the mech's systems.

Kaijo continues to lug Jerico on his back, eventually depositing the cyborg in front of barricade three's hill. Aziel preforms spot repairs, bringing Jerico back up to a slim margin of health. Aziel returns his attention back to the task at hand, attempting to freeze the water the mech was now inhaling through its hydro cannon turbine. As it stands, spinning up its turbine for another attack.. it malfunctions. As it turns out, a piece of sucked-up ice jammed up the turbine. Smoke and fire begin to curl out from it's mouth before Strato fires another arrow, this time into one of it's cockpit cameras. Jerico picks up a nearby missile launcher, firing out a missile without a second thought, shoving it right into the mech's hydro cannon turbine, almost completely destroying the cockpit.

The entire back of the ray opens up as it begins firing it's entire payload of missiles into the air, splitting off into several more two times.. leaving several thousand missiles raining down from the skies as the mech targets -everything and everyone-.

The city is set abaze, a few missiles actually still in the air by the time most of the onslaught is done. The park is completely destroyed, what remained of the military force.. gone. DW was all that remained, as battered as they were.

They set about loading up the cannon, Ceresia pulling herself into the gunner's seat with Castle at her side; Ivan and Jack moving to load up a single round. They closed the hatch, Ceresia turning the cannon to face the mech as its targeting system locked on.

She fired.

A concussive wave of forced passed all who were standing on the park, throwing them to the ground. Even causing those who were not standing to ragdoll slightly. Trees were splintered in twain and utterly obliterated as the slug traveled down the path towards the mech before utterly obliterating it as well. The slug continued on through the city, eventually reaching the ocean.

Two legs, two arms, and a slew of wreckage were all that was left of the Metal Gear Ray, as well as phason contamination from the weaponized phazon missiles it was preparing to deploy.

The sound of air vehicles filled the air slowly as the chaos subsided. Members were recovered, healed, and the dead were cared for. Vrentric was eventually found, and luckily was still alive.

As DW were cared for in Aquas' hospitals, they heard about the events over the news:

"Viothesia under siege by Black Arms. International hero organization Dimensional Warriors hold off against impossible odds. An opera showing erupted in chaos as Black Arms terrorists attacked an opera house. The Dimensional Warriors, out for a night on the town, defended the opera house, then proceeded to aid the Aquas Armed Forces stationed there in destroying a massive war machine wrought upon the city. Casualties are still coming in and the Riverside Park is closed due to biohazard conditions. Prime Minster John Devangel is expected to award each member who defended the city the Medal of Valor, the highest honor the military can bestow upon a foreign national."

Small interlude:

Somewhere in the world however.. Hans looks gravely at his assembled operatives in a highly fortified bunker in the middle of the Kakkara Desert. "Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a problem." He looks to his generals, to his legions via camera, to the 3A drones. "The Dimensional Warriors are now aware of the formation of our network. Make no mistake they WILL be coming." Hans slams his fist down onto the metal table. "I want guard shifts tripled AROUND THE WORLD. Suspend all non essential operations. From this point on there is no taking prisoners, no mercy. If an officer so much as reconsiders my direct and unerring order put a BULLET IN THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE YOOOOOOOOOOOOU WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITING FOOOOOOR? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Event 6.32 complete
*Double this if below 1500 XP*
A Night At The Opera: 25 XP
A Walk In the Park: 75 XP
MVP: Jericho - 30 XP
GM Guinea Pig Award: Daedalus - 30 XP
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6.30 & 6.31, The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn
The party made their way to the dark tower by cutting a swath through an assembled army of heartless and starmen, a couple hundred which sided with Maleficent against Carltron. The first section of the tower was the dungeon, which the group ventured to and found Kara, shackled to a wall and in bitter shape. The group proceeded to attempt to rescue her, only to find a macabre beast fused with her; it became known that she was fused with a Dark Force, which the group(and her) proceeded to battle. Tearing the prison asunder, the creature was finally plunged into the lava moat around the castle, allowing Kara to rest in peace.

The group proceeded into the castle proper, moving past a few lava-related traps before ascending a stairwell admist rising lava and falling spiked balls, one of which Axel managed to get trapped under. He was rescued before the lava managed to rise too close, however, and the group proceeded onwards. Reaching the top, they proceeded across a long bridge to The Machine, apparently defying physics with it's construction. It was here the group was re-united with those that had gone with The Doctor to stop the Daleks, carrying with them a TARDIS full of solid-state weaponary. Looking into the machine, they were greeted with an array of pipes, and valves, steam-punk-like tech conveying mana throughout the facility at a rate of almost, if not more than 100k mana per second. Discussing ways to destroy it, they were told by Urza that such would be a bad idea.

The facility was found to be manned by goblins, of all things. As they moved through the halls, they were stopped by a group of ninja goblins... which Ceresia managed to Jedi Mind Trick into helping the team, giving them crucial information for the areas ahead. Moving on-wards, they came upon another group which they managed to subdue without too much trouble, before they finally came to the main control area.. finding the reason much of the facility was labeled in russian. Dr. Beruga's lab. The group confronted the man and his reasons for helping Maleficent, his research.. his ultimate goal: a world without death. When it became apparent that there was no more to discuss.. that the group didn't want him, couldn't let him leave, he activated a contigency plan, bombarding the group with paralyzing sound that allowed him to escape through an unstable dimensional rift. Once he was gone, they were freed by Xanatos, in a exo-skeleton shaped like a Gargoyle.

The next day, recooperated, the group proceeded to blow up the locked door into the facility and do battle with it's core, surving rounds and rockets from turrets suspended on the ceiling. They of course won, and put the machine into reverse, causing much of the heartless to revert back to very confused humans, or other races. Finally, they proceeded into the main part of the castle, going through a different sort of maze comprised of several rooms with only four exits. After making their way through the maze.. and reaching a treasure trove full of Star sapphire weapons and armor, they made their way into Maleficent's quarters.. and eventually onto the balcony.

Admist the chaos of hellfire raining from the sky, taking out ground forces and battleships alike, they finally confronted Maleficent.. but not before Diablo decided to do battle with the group. He didn't last long, amongst holy-powered attacks, and was eventually disintegrated. This prompted a gout of rage from Maleficent, who then did battle with the group. After a bit of fighting, Zack managed to deplete her health a great deal.. after which she revealed another form, that of a several-story tall dragon. This form was of course eventually defeated, with Aziel blowing several chunks out of it before it crumbled to dust, leaving a still-breathing Maleficent behind. The group discussed what to do with her, but The Doctor already had a plan. Using impossibly heavy shackles(forged in the heart of a dwarf star), he secured her to the wall in her own dungeon, throwing the key into the lava moat below.. and giving her a gun.. but out of her reach, for it would take her years, if not decades to move under the weight of the shackles.

Time was up, the dimension beginning to collapse in on itself, the group fled via The Doctor's TARDIS, returning to the Destiny's Ascension.


Event 6.30 The Darkest Hour -
-Dalek mission: 40 xp
-The Heartless Battle - 15 XP
-The Dalek Hunt: 15 XP
-The Castle Siege - 20 XP (To Start of Beruga's Tower)

Event 6.31 Is Before the Dawn -
-The Genius' Playground - 20 XP (To Start of Beruga's Tower)
-The Shadow Sanctum - 15 XP (Clock Maze)
-The Final Battle - 5 XP (Since it was made so easy)

M.V.P. (15 xp): Aerith, Aziel

If you are under 1250 xp and took part in this mission, double your reward, if you are between 1250 and 1750: *1.5, rounded up

End of Arc bonus:
All characters: 30 xp, 9000 salary.
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6.24 The Magic Kingdom
The Arrival
We knew the Shield of Virtue was in a kingdom ruled by Walter. Which Walter that was, surprised us all when we learnt it was none other than Walt Disney. That's right kiddies, we're off to Disneyworld, Florida. Maeve made a quick call to Xanatos, who politely asked that they at least -try- not to destroy everything then made arrangements to have the park evacuated so that we could search. Marines and National Guard troops quickly surrounded the park, helicopters and planes flying overhead as the announcement was made "Attention. The Dimensional Warriors are on approach to Disney Land. Evacuate the premises immediately. Jameson may have a jeep. I repeat, Jameson may have a jeep." The previously happy families enjoying the rides and such at the park suddenly made their way towards the exit like a herd of stampeding wilderbeast. Miraculously though, only one life was claimed during this few seconds of chaos, a simple hand stamping attendant who didn't know to get out of the way.
Stampeding people aside, the park was now clear and awaiting our intrepid travellers as they approached.

Landing in the Mickey Mouse lot with their Puddle Jumpers, they braved the sunshine and heat of Florida in search of the coveted item. As they walked inside, scouting on their map for the best position to set up base camp, someone uttered the words Shield of Virtue. From the tallest tower in the park, there was a blaze of magical light that shot high into the air before cascading down around them, sealing the warriors inside the park. The magical shield stopped UMN signals passing through, stopped telepathic thoughts from penetrating it, and also stopped anyone going in or out. The warriors were truly on their own now.

That wasn't the only strange thing to happen, for as soon as the shield was sealed around the park, one of their allies known as Caith Sith suddenly became... real. Cut off from his operator on the outside, Caith Sith suddenly had his own mind and emotions, as felt by Aziel. It was as if he had always been... alive. This sent a shiver of fear through some of the warriors, for this event was surely a sign of things to come.

It was decided that as the light had shone from the tallest tower of the castle, it had to be where the item was being concealed. The warriors marched onwards, while some set up camp, the others explored the shop areas. The candy bars and food in the stores all seemed different to those well familiar with Earth history. It all seemed dated, going back to when they were just children. As the party moved towards the castle, they observed what seemed like pictures on the door. Before they could get too close, the pictures all flew off the door and scattered into the park so rapidly, no one could follow where they went. The door was found to be locked, and the clue to unlocking it would seem to be the pictures.

They all headed back to base camp to discuss their next move. A suggestion was made that they should follow some sort of order and clear the park section by section. Little did they know what lay in wait for them on their adventures.

Credit to Xarat for writing this section.

The Haunted Mansion
So, having entered the park in search of the shield, our intrepid adventurers decided to take at look at the Haunted Mansion. Cait Sith was brought along, although he was none too happy about it. As they approached the Mansion, it was to as expected. Chill winds swirling around the place, a sort of overcast gloom and very little sunlight. A graveyard at the back, bathed in the dark of night, while eerie shrieks escape from within. The door creaks open and the adventurers step into a dusty, dingy place, light barely getting in through the windows. They head down a dim corridor, the gas lamps barely throwing any light out, though they cast eerie flickering shadows all over the silent house. The group find themselves in what once was a sun room or green room, the dead remains of plants lay in their pots, the glass way beyond dirty. Within the room is a murky looking pool of water, probably a grand pond at one point. Suddenly the door slams, unnerving our adventurers, though they strive onwards. Now slightly unnerved, Daedalus advises caution against approaching the pool, as ripples break the still surface. Lloyd decides that no murky pool of water scares him, and disturbs a skeletal goldfish, which leaps out at the party. Satisfied nothing is in this room to get them, the party move onwards

Walking through the seemingly deserted house, the sound of footsteps on creaky floorboards is heard. A trapdoor springs open, though no one is swallowed by the cunningly hidden device. Maniacal laughter echoes from upstairs, then an angry cry of “Get out of my house!” is heard, before creepy moans are heard on the breeze, chilling everyone to the bone and turning several people white as a ghost. Literally. Heading upstairs, they find themselves in a lady’s bedroom. Removing a portrait from the wall, they hear soft sobbing from nearby. Lloyd begins talking to someone, though it seems there’s nobody there. At his request, the portrait is placed back where it belongs. The lady begins to tell them the tale of how she was murdered with her lover, and why they roam the house now still. Once her tale was heard, they decided to help solve her murder in the hopes it would lead them to a clue about the picture they need.

Heading to the study, they discover that the young lovers were likely poisoned, as the wine residue left behind was clearly laced with some form of poison. The question is though, whodunit? Erica the sheep decided to do her own investigating, almost becoming a new resident before she was cured of the poison. More trapdoors are sprung as the party move out of the study, its clear someone … or something does not wish to solve the murder mystery. Jerico meanwhile is their portable CSI lab, scanning and checking bottles for prints, trying to match up the prints to the residents of the house. While they’re all trying to dig for clues, poor GIR is attacked by dust bunnies. The panic sends him hurtling into a wall and knocking him over. The house has everyone on edge it seems.

By some brilliant deduction from Lloyd based on the evidence, he concludes that it was in fact the butler, how cliché. Making their way back to the young womans room, they announce their suspicions. This does not go down well, as mister butler begins having a temper tantrum upstairs. Heading to meet with him in the library, the group find themselves being threatened by him, while a smokescreen of books fly around to conceal something. Determining the pattern to the books, they begin to put them away on the shelves again. Several books are successfully categorized and put away, though one springs out and conks Mikoto on the head. After a bit of teamwork, all books are put away which reveals something to the group. A secret door! Who would have thought it, a secret rotating door in the library?

The young woman ghost appears to them, bringing with her a very proud looking male ghost. Their names are revealed as Sarah and William, the two lovers who were murdered. After Lloyd details his theory of the murderer to them both William decides that the butler must be confronted in order to settle their suspicions. With the decision made, they all head into the secret passageway, into a dark corridor and down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, they find what could be called as a mad ghosts lair, books and papers strewn all over the place. In the corner there is a ghost in spectral chains, seemingly afraid of the elderly ghost in a butlers uniform. As the butler speaks, it’s clear that he’s the one who murdered them, though the chained ghost believes he is responsible. Unafraid, Llloyd lays out his deductions before the butler. He correctly guesses the entirety of the story, that mister Scott the butler murdered the parents and then the lovers in a bid to inherit the family estate. He made the uncle feel responsible, and killed him as well, making it seem like suicide. Once the revelations are complete, the ground opens beneath the evil butler, dragging him down into what seems like a glowing firey doom. The crack snaps shut, leaving the party with Sarah, William and William’s Uncle.

Helping the Uncle to his feet, Sarah gives them the location of the picture they need for their own purposes. Telling the group to take whatever they wish from the house, the ghosts fade away into the peace they were long denied, leaving behind an undead goldfish. With their spirits high and their loot bagged, they return to camp to begin planning the next adventure.

Acquisitions: 1x undead bagged goldfish, 1x picture.

Credit to Xarat for writing this section

Pirates of the Carribean
he decision was made, the course laid in, this time the route took us to Adventureland where pirates lurk and jungles are dangerous. As the warriors crossed the bridge, the air growing warmer and more humid than where they had been only a few minutes ago. The vegetation was thick and lush, though concession stands and restrooms could still be seen in amongst it. Ahead was a structure, reminiscent of a Spanish Caribbean fortress. The warriors stepped inside and immediately heard the sounds of gunfire, screaming, raucous laughter, explosions, breaking glass and metal clanking on metal. Hiding behind a broken wall, they took a look at the chaos that was going on ahead of them. Out on the open sea was a large pirate ship firing directly at the town, which was being ransacked thoroughly by pirates. Women were being auctioned off and other pirates were standing around getting drunk, while more still were running rampant through the streets and terrorizing the townsfolk.

A choice was made to split into two teams. One group would assault the pirate ship, the others would sneak into the town and help the townspeople. Alex headed off towards the ship team along with Aziel and several others, while Missy Saber and Lloyd made their way towards the town. Both groups were successful in remaining unseen as they progressed towards their respective targets. Alex's team took to the water to swim silently towards the ship, although Aziel took a more unorthodox approach and teleported his way over. Missy's team crouched amid the chaos and began to plan the best approach. Thorough a combination of Saber and Missy's ideas, it was decided that the best place to strike first would be the group around the auction, as they would not be prepared for a fight. As the warriors readied their weapons, the call was made to strike. Shots were fired, felling several pirates quite quickly before Saber and Lloyd moved into melee range. Saber proved to be their worst nightmare, a woman wielding an invisible blade as she slashed her way to victory. Lloyd intimidated several pirates, while Missy and Jerico felled them with bullets. As the last pirate fell, a plea from the prisoners went up, and Saber freed them with one swing from her sword.

Meanwhile, those headed towards the ship had already made their way on board silently, taking out pirates as quickly and quietly as possible. While Alex ran below decks taking out the depraved buccaneers, Aziel was concealed above deck playing with the Captain's mind. Inciting a riot between the Captain and First Mate, Aziel then began to pick off the pirates one by one, Alex still sneaking below and taking them out as he goes. Planting explosives as a contingency plan, he made his way onwards, a one man pirate killing machine. Between them both, the ship was soon cleared.

Back on dry land, Missy and her group turned to the next group of pirates, a group of boozed up alcoholics. They seemed amused that Saber, a woman, was trying to threaten them. They said some fairly choice things, which made her mad. Unfortunately the pirates didn't see this as much of a threat, considering she is a woman. Missy fared no better when she engaged them, the pirate simply ducking. Saber grew so angry that she eventually cleaved the hands from one of the no good-nicks. This turned the tables on them and the pirates began to flee back to the safety of their ship. Alex and Aziel were notified of incoming people, as Mikoto looted herself a nice pirate hat. Aziel brought back the stolen booty of gems jewels and gold to the townspeople as it was theirs after all. Due to a slight miscommunication between them, Alex ended up trying to out run a c4 explosion, but Aziel stepped in and ensure he lived to fight again.
Pirates 0 - Dimensional Warriors 1

Credit to Xarat for writing this section.

It's A Small World
The team decided to find the next picture and heading to 'Small world' which is a ride in Disney world to see dolls dancing and happy music. The team get on the boats and the ride goes, some of the team thought it was alright and some..well..little ok. Sudden the music changes, further they go they could see a strange doll which had a black cape, horns, green skin and staff which remind them pretty well of Maleficent, the mini boss 'Dolleficent.'
The doll could move to different platforms but good range for the team to hit it. This doll, like the real Maleficent, could shoot fire, send thunder bolts and move pretty fast to avoid taking damage. The first round did went well yet some of the team took the first damage from the thunder bolt the doll made. Second turn it begins to change, some of the team fall after they made their first action when some stood up and continue chasing and try to find out this doll's weakness. The third round was more people falling down and some enters the battle to aid and even try to bring that doll down.
Till the end, they found out the weakness, Fire. After they fired their attack with normal and magical attacks, the doll fell. yet it seems it had some life left. They found out what it was and they fired at the lights so the doll still remained, until Aldo lifted it upon into the air with his wind power and it disintegrated into nothing. And then, the small world begins to live again.
The end of the ride they find the picture they were after...
This picture in the same Celtic tapestry style as the others (very similar to the book of Kells) shows a green skinned white haired woman with violet eyes standing tall amidst a chaos of darkness and death. People are hiding or running from storms, thorns, and black yellow eyed creatures. The woman however strides purposefully down into a cave.

Credit to Chanree for writing this section.

Going to Disney for the week: 10
Haunted Mansion: 15
Carousel: 5
Pirates of the Carribean: 10
Jungle River Cruise: 5
Swiss Family Robinson Tree House: 5
It's a Small World 10
Mission to Mars 5
Autopia 5
Country Bear Jamboree: 2
Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes: 5
Tom Sawyer Island: 3
Timekeeper: 5
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: 3
Cinderella's Castle: 30 xp
Patience XP: 10

1 Undead Goldfish
250,000 Credits worth of Ruby
1,000,000 Credits worth of Onyx
200,000 Credits worth of Emerald
1 Druidic Spell Book of Hallow
1 Clerical Spell Book of Mark of Justice
1 Bardic Spell Book of Dispel Magic, Greater
1 Arcana Spell Book of Break Enchantment
1 Arcana Spell Book of Demiga
1 M-Potion
1 S-Tonic
1 X-Tonic
3 Mid-Tonics
3 Phoenix Downs
2 Delta Ethers
1 Gamma Ether
Restoration of Consumables used on this mission

*One item of onyx grants the following: +25 to magic to soak, +50 to magic soak specifically against darkness, as an accessory has two slots for magical augmentation. In the case of darkness, these soaks do not stack. If an armor is made of Onyx it can grant no more than +15 Endurance bonus regardless of type. An accessory of Onyx cost 200,000 credits, and requires half that worth of Onyx to make. (This information could be obtained easily from Ghaleon, Melchior, Evermore, Frederich)

[Submitted by GirlElf]
Posted by GirlElf on Tuesday 12 July 2011 - 15:21:51 | Read/Post Comment: 0 | printer friendly
6.23 Lunar Harvest
After the events in Greece the Dimensional Warriors got word from Red Queen that she had found the location of Lunar, the world where Ghaleon’s fortress - described by some of the members who had been captured by him before had been taken to - was located. Speeding there the DW team planned to try and see if they could talk to Ghaleon and convince him to help them and not do something bad, but found the 'castle' those previously captured described to be a mobile weapons platform known as the Grindery. Giselle, Mara, Max, Aang, Speirlos, and Daedalus went down ahead of the group as a diplomatic envoy before the combat began. After convincing one of the three sisters helping Ghaleon, Phacia, to lower the barrier around the structure they entered and tried to convince them to stop. His plans came to fruition however as he moved the Grindery into position and used the newly revived Goddess Althena to raise a titanic magic fortress known as the Fortress of Althena. Revealing himself to the party, Ghaleon hinted that Althena and Dyne had made an error 15 years ago, but that he would be the one to correctit.

The DWs ship lost power and crashed into the planet as the castle rose, giving the warriors the horrifying reality that their magic was being siphoned, along with the very soul of the planet. Dimensional Warriors geared up and set out on dragonback, arriving at the location Ghaleon now had taken the Goddess Atheena and the Vile sisters to in the sky a large tower. Here they faced off with animated suits of armor and Royce the second sister. Royce was easily stunned by Fei's opening attack, and though a moment of blood lust overcame some, Aang and a few others convinced the team to simply bind her and leave her alive. Travelling deeper into Althena's sanctuary, they encountered the leader of the Vile Tribe Xenobia who with a spell sent all but Fei and Glenn into the abyss where they had to face themselves. Even their own doubts could not fell the Warriors as they overcame the test, shocking the witch and earning them respect. Giselle managed to impart upon her the feeling that perhaps not all humans were wicked, and she permitted them to pass unharmed. The stage was set for the showdown with the magic emperor, who finally was getting the power he had sought for over a decade. Ghaleon made it clear that it would not be Althena to correct her error, but himself, having the wisdom to correct that which the goddess missed. With little recourse, the party started to combat Ghaleon but struggled against his powerful magic, his wide sweeping spells hitting most of the party.

Holding back when convinced to by Zack and Riku however, it was revealed that Ghaleons goals were altruistic all along, a grand deception to strengthen the world’s heart against Maleficent and had been planning to all along to aid the Dimensional Warriors in their fight. However in doing so, Ghaleon admitted he had done necessary wrong and that his life would likely be forfeit when Maleficent learned, as he had no intention of holding the power of the goddess from Lunar. And here she comes to wreck the day! Maleficent came to exact her revenge and glowered at Ghaleon, who had revealed the location of the two items she feared. Intent upon hitting him, she threw a spell as Giselle knowing his action, and sure enough, Ghaleon was struck by her tearing some of his spirit out. The warriors successfully fought and wounded her, although Xenobia who then tried to defend Ghaleon became overcome by darkness when casting upon Maleficent.

But as Althena regained her strength she banished Maleficent from the dimension for as long as her spell could hold. Soon after life began to return to the world and she promised to improve the lands of the Vile tribe before she returned to her mortal self. Now with their ship back and running they have gained the Vile Sisters and Ghaleon as new allies in their battles against Giygas and it’s servants.

Mission XP: 30
Flawless Victory Bonus: 30 xp
Bonus for those who spoke out against attacking a disabled woman: 50 xp
Posted by Hal_Emmerich on Saturday 09 July 2011 - 14:41:19 | Read/Post Comment: 0 | printer friendly
6.22 It's all Greek to Me
Fresh from their victory and the short rest it earned them, the Dimensional Warriors marched on their new intel toward the newly restored Zenith Point of Earth, located on Mount Olympus. What should have been a pleasure cruised through an idyllic and beautiful city however proved to instead be a mad dash through a war zone, as the forces of Gigyas had already moved into place there in hopes of seizing the point for themselves and were currently clashing with the resident defense forces. Under the guidance of Maeve, rather than plowing through the battle and bulldozing the enemy forces marshaled against them, a more subtle approach was taken. Leaving the Ascension well behind, they took a small craft in under the cover of the battle, and using a combination of clever distractions and stealth, neatly left behind the hoards of Star Men with barely a shot fired. Making their way into a temple, they came upon the ancient demigod hero Hercules, recently awakened from a long sleep guarding an even more ancient scythe. The Inevitable of Death Marut, also known as Stan, had unfortunately tricked Daedalus into helping him steal that scythe, and planned to use it to unleash the greatest of all titans, the monstrous Cronus who was imprisoned beneath Olympus.

'Joining' Hercules, or more accurately following him while he tried and failed to not be anywhere near them, they were confronted by twin trials of Athena, testing their wits with a triad of riddles involving flickering flames, invincible rope, and the grip of fear, and their mettle with a tense battle against her chosen stone guardians atop a greater enemy, a floor that was rapidly disappearing tile by tile. Those who had lingered behind could only stand and watch through the enchanted cage preventing outside interference. Easily vanquishing the statues with their skill and strength, and in one case simply tossing them out of the ring, the gladiators that had run ahead were faced with a special guest opponent, one of the dreaded Black Starmen that in the past had proven night impossible. This too fell before their might after a short but tense flurry of combat...

Despite their swift handling of the obstacles in their way, the arrival of good was too late to stem the progress of death, and the one who so espoused the glory of unstoppable death stood before them with the scythe in hand. Failing both to physically and verbally stop him, their only victory was a look into the automaton's motives; He had, quite simply, lost his mind in his purpose and decided to take it to the greatest extreme possible in hopes of creating some sort of balance, an unnatural death to all unnatural life as he put it. Not only would he slay any who sought immortality, he would kill anyone and anything that happened to be in the -area- where it occurred; As the Earth had recently been restored from a grievously destructive wound, this meant destroying it entirely as he deemed those returned from the cataclysm to be 'unfairly alive'.

Scrambling to the resting place of Kronus, they tunneled their way through the Starman encampment to Olympus, using Daedalus as both a drill and a vehicle. There tunneling was interrupted briefly by their arrival into a mostly metal room in which they saw a new form of starman - platinum with spikes coming out of it's shoulders - opting not to stop and battle it, they told their ride to start tunneling on the opposite of the room, the wall of which was dirt. The starman proceeded to run a visual diagnostic after witnessing this sight.

And then all hell broke loose, the horizon itself seeming to shrug upward as their worst fear, in the immediate future at least, was suddenly realized before them with the summoning of Kronus. Impossibly massive, his form stretched invincibly into the sky, towering above in a regrettably open bottomed armored skirt that would be his undoing. The battle was not so much a fight as a desperate dash, the Warriors unable to so much as pester the massive being from the outskirts of the zone it threatened, leaving them no choice but to skitter inward like mice while avoiding blasts of godly energy and flying rocks the size of monuments. Sometimes running, other times limping, and often carrying one another through the hell, they finally dove, at the expense of one jester hat, to the safety provided by the forge of Hephastus who lay dead at his anvil, beaten to death with his own hammer. Safe, for now, they stopped to catch their breath, strategize, prepare, and also figure out exactly what had happened at this former dwelling place of the gods. Hera had, it seemed, finally gone too far and slew a bastard son of Zeus, igniting a civil war between the gods that ended in their mutual destruction.

There was little time to grieve, and a much larger problem to face, and so they threaded their way through the underground tunnels to come up at Kronos from below, where his own great size afforded them some protection. The opening blow of the battle was... The end of any hopes the titan may have had for more children, and at the behest of Maeve, the triplicate of Kuja, Sis, and Jack O'Neil raining magical destruction and trinitroperhydric plastic explosives on the exposed universal weak point of the titanic patriarch, bringing him, as would be expected, to his knees. This left him wide open for the GDI's contribution, slamming his exposed choke point from behind with the biggest baddest cannon they could find. Less than chivalrous but highly effective, the beast was briefly down for the count, giving the others time to scale him like the mountain he truly was. Lezard was able to determine that the beast was being kept on this plane by three necromantic runes of great power, one of which Hercules was quick to smash to bits with Hephestus' hammer. While the rest of the team climbed about on the beast to keep him distracted, Daedalus carried Jericho up to make a beeline for the second of the runes in its crown, while Kuja pelted the third with comets. With the help of a timely save by Speiros, Mara avoided being turned into mermaid jelly, and with a quick casting of Feather Fall, Lezard was able to avoid a similar fate as the lurching foe swatted them away like fleas. Finally, torn and savaged from every angle, with his magical link to the world destroyed, the beast that threatened even the Gods finally went down with a crash. His final end came fittingly from the heavens, a bombardment including an orbital strike that obliterated the ancient behemoth in a flash of blue.

Marut seemingly took his loss well, expressing no ill feelings toward the Warriors for interfering and insisting he would simply have to try again next time. He offered to let them go without a fight, as long as they in turn didn't try to hamper him. Considering his power, it was the only sane thing to do. Naturally, it was certain death to attempt otherwise.

Naturally, they did just the opposite. Unable to sway him from his off kilter plans of genocide, the Warriors braced down to do the impossible and kill Death itself.. Sephiroth attempted a gambit, playing the Inevitable of Justice against that of Death in hopes that a violation of his brothers will would cause him to stand down; to his surprise as much as anyone elses, Zelekhut indeed emerged from the aether to enforce his will, giving Marut his own ultimatum; Come quietly or be destroyed. As the two squared up to do battle, the warriors quickly seized the Zenith Point they had originally come for, before rushing back to the aid of Inevitable that -wasn't- going to kill the universe against the one that was...

Fighting an impossible, desperate battle, they called on all their wits, all their strength, all their strategy and a fair helping of sheer divine luck, holding their own despite the incredible, monstrous power of the scythe-wielding clockwork they fought. They started strong, but the power difference started to slowly catch up with them, the casualties coming fast and hard despite their surprisingly effective efforts to slow it and protect one another. The battle wore on and one, perhaps surprising even Marut as those he considered so vastly inferior actually managed to harm him, on several occasions severely, and on others barely avoiding death themselves. Their skill was great though, their cause just, and their heroism absolute... In the end, perhaps out of surprise, out of worry, or just boredom, who can guess at the whim and motivations of death; But incredibly, impossibly, Marut, the Inevitable of Death, the great slayer, the masterpiece of Urza... Fled.

Left on an empty battlefield, the Warriors stared in a mixture of shock, confusion, and to some small part, relief, slowly relaxing their guards as it became clear the escape was just that and not a ploy or feint. But with an enemy such as the one they had been facing, simply surviving could be counted as nothing short of a victory. Scratching their heads and picking up the pieces of their scattered forces to be patched back together, they made camp for the night and discussed their next move...

Written by Gradius

Mission XP: 15
Athena's Arena Fight: 10 xp
Those who fought Stan: 10 xp

[Submitted by GirlElf]
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6.21 "...and our flag was still there."
6.21 “...and our flag was still there.”

It began with Lennier having an idea which he took to Zack; an idea to try and build friendly relations and trade agreements with the United Nations of Earth. Zack approved of this idea and left it to Lennier to make contact and arrange a meeting. Lennier made contact with Secretary General Evelyn Rios who was favorable to setting up a meeting for such reasons but mentioned that the UN was meeting to discuss the Alliance and Saxon, who were on their way to take Earth. Lennier then offered the aid of DW to the UN and they had an instant audience. Zack was informed of it and selected Lennier, Axel, Sis, Daemon Xanatos, and Jason Evermore to go with him to this meeting with the UN.

Upon arrival at New Adana, the group was checked for weapons and then led into the meeting chambers of the UN who were discussing what to do about Saxon and the Alliance. Their presence was announced and they were given the floor. Zack and Lennier took turns speaking to the assembled delegates; recounting the atrocities they had seen commited by Saxon's forces and himself. Zack's words did not fall upon deaf ears and between him and Lennier the UN was swayed to accept an alliance with DW and purge any and all criminal records any of its members might have had on Earth. As well as agree to various commercial and civilian deals with DW. During the meeting with the UN, Saxon called in. He called for the surrender of the Earth to him and showed his disregard for life, prompting Axel to comment upon it to the UN. Saxon's words angered Zack and were responded to by Zack with accusations – true ones- about his crimes. Lennier however only responded with calm observations. Saxon was further angered by the two and hung up on the UN.

The party soon left the UN to call a meeting of DW and explain the situation to the rest of the members. Soon the group was apprised of the situation of Earth and that DW would be assisting the UN in kicking Saxon's forces off of it by liberating their current foothold in Washington D.C. History references abounded during this as they travelled to rendouvez with General Riggs. Upon reaching the point, they were contacted by Riggs who appraised them of the situation. The Alliance had heavy air carriers in the sky, control of the two airports, naval forces in the Potomac, and ground forces. The priority targets were The White House, the Pentagon, and the Alliance northern command at Greenbelt. DW after some discussion and a rousing speech by Zack, settled on Whiskey Hotel aka the White House as their target that they would retake, and not only would they retake it, they would raise the flag of the USA from it and blast the anthem to try and turn the tide of battle.
[Submitted by GirlElf]
Posted by GirlElf on Thursday 23 June 2011 - 02:31:54 | Read/Post Comment: 0 | printer friendly
6.20 A House Divided
With the zenith point on Rygar liberated from Giygas' grasp, the group had begun to set its sights upon Earth, the slipstream relay drive enabling swift and reliable transport to the disheveled planet cleft in twain. There were two points of primary interest here. One was the obvious, the zenith point that was known to be there. The other was a visit to Podunk University in New York, to seek information on the mysterious program, CTRON.ELF, which had only recently struck the Cetrans in Lost Haven with great wrath. The clearing of the metroid scourge upon the ship, however, allowed for a more convenient landing upon the football field.

However, their approach had not gone unnoticed by the GDI station, Philadelphia, who saw the Destiny's Ascension as an unidentified craft, warning the Dimensional Warriors of the various Tiberium zones scattered throughout the earth, as well as the scattered warring factions and unstable atmosphere. However, the descent to Podunk remained uneventful, and soon the group reached the university, to the tune of GDI aircraft constantly on patrol overhead in the sky, and the grumblings of Jason Evermore's disapproval of dredging up old and unwelcome memories.

The sight that followed was that of deserted streets and boarded-up shops, till the group arrived at the doorstep of a large manor. Further examinations did reveal a library containing many books pertaining to electrical engineering and circuit design, as well as logic and psychology. Many of them bore the authorship of Professor Ruffleberg himself, as well as the hints discovered by Dominic that this was indeed the birthplace of CTRON.ELF, hewn by who may be considered the father of computer science. Further exploration upstairs did reveal a variety of lab equipment as well, most of it being computational, as well as a large chessboard utilized by a robotic arm.

After a little poking around here and there, the group suddenly heard a swarm of helicopters overhead, landing nearby. The disembarking passengers came with peaceful intentions, addressing the group, led by a man who simply called himself Albatross. Revealing to them that he possessed a dearth of information on the Dimensional Warriors, a slight air of mistrust had begun to permeate the air. Revealing Sis to be something of an informant as well, he offered something of an alliance between the dimensional warriors and his group known simply as G-22. Among the tidbits divulged was that the professor disappeared in 1965, and that a large-scale blackout was triggered and traced directly back to a surge from his manor. Also included in the pointed conversation was that Kane, even in the aftermath of the apparent kamikaze attack at the Temple of Nod, was in fact still alive...and along with that, housed in a tiberium red zone in Sarajevo.

The Dimensional Warriors made their way to the Red zone in Sarajevo after negotiating their way through a blockade by the GDI. After a bit of an argument about the plans to get to the temple and the Tacitus, the group eventually descended the hangar lifts and took several trucks to the inner walls of what was once the Nod compound. Whilst attempting to sneak in, they were spotted by a sniper, only to be saved by the acting ability of Gadget. Now that they were believed to be a group of scientists also searching for the Tacitus, they moved on to the inner compound.

Walking in, they began to search for the Tacitus that Albatross spoke of, and upon finding it, continued to search in an effort to trick the others working around them into believing nothing had yet been found. This proved fruitless, however, as Julian Monte soon walked upon the group, letting it become known that he knew who they were. It was then that Kane made his presence known, his voice emanating through the speakers and consoles around the group. They were given a proposition; bring the Julian to him alive, and he would give them the Zenith point's location. It turned out that Julian had once been with the Nod, and had betrayed Kane. With what the Julian had done before them, with what Kane had done for them, making the choice was easy. Malcom cast a sleep spell on Julian and Dominic negotiated the rest out of even fighting.

Captive in hand, the group returned to their ship and began heading to Kane's new location.. a large ancient technological array in Voi, Kenya. Moving away from a compound in transport ships, the group watched as the area they were in previously was shelled by artillery. Arriving at the control compound situated at the base of a drained artificial lake, the group made their way into the control room, watching as Kane took Julian and publicly executed him with a ceremonial dagger in front of his followers.

Tacitus in hand, Kane began to power up the array at the bottom of the lake bed... the large metal structure coming to life as several prongs around it's circumference rose into the air.. but not before the covenant began to drop out of the sky around the compound, shelling the area and even managing to strike Kane, injuring, but not killing him. It was then Neroon and Lennier came into action, both Minbari beginning to negotiate and discuss religion with the Covenant force's leader. Eventually, both managed to convince him that his people may be interested in becoming converts, and sent the fleet off to Minbar.

The Covenant out of their way, Kane proceeded in starting up the Array before them, which also seemed to incorporate an Interloper which some group had history with at it's center. It was then they were tasked with defending him as he operated the controls, the GDI landing at their doorstop in transport vessels to try and stop them. They didn't get far. DW slaughtered most of what was thrown at them, Sephiroth even single-handedly cutting down a small mech before it could fire off a shot. As time went on and forces dwindled, a GDI general eventually came up the stairs.. aiming her gun at Kane and ordering the group to stop. DW did the same, issuing a simple threat to cease, only to be ignored as the General made her stance apparent. As she prepared to fire, however, Maeve sent her down the stairs with a gust of wind.

Time and preparations in hand, Kane begun his Ascension. As he was enveloped in a white light, it became known he appeared to be Nedian, as later noted by Maeve. It was then he, and all his followers were transported off to some unknown place.. as a console beeped to their side: "Zenith point localized: Athens, Greece."

Credit goes to Packie and Daedalus for the writing

Mission Reward: 20 XP and Nod technological loot (nothing which uses tiberium)

[Submitted by GirlElf]
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