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5.12 - Investigation
Location: Arcadia (Open Skies), Gaia

Realizing they would need a more sturdy ship to survive the rigors of the winds surrounding Arcadia, the group solicited the aid of the Elsa in their investigation of the floating continents. The journey went far smoother this time, and it wasn't before long that the group arrived in the crystal clear Skies of Arcadia. Although the group saw many floating islands, they decided to press towards the larger main continent. From the looks of most of the airships in the region, the regions technology had not developed as much as it had on the surface, many airships made out of wood, and a few made out of metal. Their opinion changed however, when they saw the Grand Fortress...

The Grand Fortress, a large gate at the front of the entrance to presumably the country of Valua. Despite being of inferior technology to the Elsa, the sheer number of turrets that lined the gate, and the sheer size of the gate was sufficient to give Matthews pause. The group was immediately contacted by the gate and was ordered to submit to a search of the vessel due to piracy concerns. Refusing to submit, Ceresia used her diplomatic status as a Jedi to attempt to establish negotiations, and was informed that they would be permitted to meet with one of the top Admirals of the Armada, Admiral Alfonso, to negotiate their terms.

Within moments, the Grand Fortress's gate opened as a large dark gray and red battleship moved out, flanked by smaller ships. As it pulled up alongside the Elsa, it deployed a simple docking ramp with the airlock, allowing the group to make the risky boarding out onto the deck of the Admirals ship. There, they met with Admiral Alfonso, who had more interest in Ceresia than he did the negotiations. Although he pursued a somewhat sleazy deal that would exchange her temporarily for passage without search, the group declined. In anger that they would offend an Admiral of the Valuan Armada by declining his offer, he ordered the ship seized and its crew arrested. Immediately, guards stormed up on deck to apprehend the crew, but in a surprising turn of events, Stan arrived.

With Stans arrival came a simple request; let them leave or suffer the consequences. Arrogantly, Alfonso threatened Stan, and in response, several new rifts opened, depositing people who would take the side of the Dimensional Warriors. A battle ensued on deck between officers of the Valuan Navy and the Dimensional Warriors. After victory, the group retreated into the Elsa and made a break for freedom. Disgusted at his failure to seize the shiny ship, Alfonso ordered it destroyed. It was at this point that the fleet opened fire with full firepower, the Grand Fortress and all of the deployed ships attempting to destroy the Elsa. The group narrowly escaped and descended beneath the clouds, deciding to leave the exploration of the land of Arcadia for another day.

Unfortunately for them, someone else did not share this sentiment...

Event Complete
Mission: Accomplished

Mission XP Total: 10 XP earned


Goodies Found:


Bonus XP:

Diplomatic Solution - 5 xp: Ceresia
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