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6.30 & 6.31, The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn
The party made their way to the dark tower by cutting a swath through an assembled army of heartless and starmen, a couple hundred which sided with Maleficent against Carltron. The first section of the tower was the dungeon, which the group ventured to and found Kara, shackled to a wall and in bitter shape. The group proceeded to attempt to rescue her, only to find a macabre beast fused with her; it became known that she was fused with a Dark Force, which the group(and her) proceeded to battle. Tearing the prison asunder, the creature was finally plunged into the lava moat around the castle, allowing Kara to rest in peace.

The group proceeded into the castle proper, moving past a few lava-related traps before ascending a stairwell admist rising lava and falling spiked balls, one of which Axel managed to get trapped under. He was rescued before the lava managed to rise too close, however, and the group proceeded onwards. Reaching the top, they proceeded across a long bridge to The Machine, apparently defying physics with it's construction. It was here the group was re-united with those that had gone with The Doctor to stop the Daleks, carrying with them a TARDIS full of solid-state weaponary. Looking into the machine, they were greeted with an array of pipes, and valves, steam-punk-like tech conveying mana throughout the facility at a rate of almost, if not more than 100k mana per second. Discussing ways to destroy it, they were told by Urza that such would be a bad idea.

The facility was found to be manned by goblins, of all things. As they moved through the halls, they were stopped by a group of ninja goblins... which Ceresia managed to Jedi Mind Trick into helping the team, giving them crucial information for the areas ahead. Moving on-wards, they came upon another group which they managed to subdue without too much trouble, before they finally came to the main control area.. finding the reason much of the facility was labeled in russian. Dr. Beruga's lab. The group confronted the man and his reasons for helping Maleficent, his research.. his ultimate goal: a world without death. When it became apparent that there was no more to discuss.. that the group didn't want him, couldn't let him leave, he activated a contigency plan, bombarding the group with paralyzing sound that allowed him to escape through an unstable dimensional rift. Once he was gone, they were freed by Xanatos, in a exo-skeleton shaped like a Gargoyle.

The next day, recooperated, the group proceeded to blow up the locked door into the facility and do battle with it's core, surving rounds and rockets from turrets suspended on the ceiling. They of course won, and put the machine into reverse, causing much of the heartless to revert back to very confused humans, or other races. Finally, they proceeded into the main part of the castle, going through a different sort of maze comprised of several rooms with only four exits. After making their way through the maze.. and reaching a treasure trove full of Star sapphire weapons and armor, they made their way into Maleficent's quarters.. and eventually onto the balcony.

Admist the chaos of hellfire raining from the sky, taking out ground forces and battleships alike, they finally confronted Maleficent.. but not before Diablo decided to do battle with the group. He didn't last long, amongst holy-powered attacks, and was eventually disintegrated. This prompted a gout of rage from Maleficent, who then did battle with the group. After a bit of fighting, Zack managed to deplete her health a great deal.. after which she revealed another form, that of a several-story tall dragon. This form was of course eventually defeated, with Aziel blowing several chunks out of it before it crumbled to dust, leaving a still-breathing Maleficent behind. The group discussed what to do with her, but The Doctor already had a plan. Using impossibly heavy shackles(forged in the heart of a dwarf star), he secured her to the wall in her own dungeon, throwing the key into the lava moat below.. and giving her a gun.. but out of her reach, for it would take her years, if not decades to move under the weight of the shackles.

Time was up, the dimension beginning to collapse in on itself, the group fled via The Doctor's TARDIS, returning to the Destiny's Ascension.


Event 6.30 The Darkest Hour -
-Dalek mission: 40 xp
-The Heartless Battle - 15 XP
-The Dalek Hunt: 15 XP
-The Castle Siege - 20 XP (To Start of Beruga's Tower)

Event 6.31 Is Before the Dawn -
-The Genius' Playground - 20 XP (To Start of Beruga's Tower)
-The Shadow Sanctum - 15 XP (Clock Maze)
-The Final Battle - 5 XP (Since it was made so easy)

M.V.P. (15 xp): Aerith, Aziel

If you are under 1250 xp and took part in this mission, double your reward, if you are between 1250 and 1750: *1.5, rounded up

End of Arc bonus:
All characters: 30 xp, 9000 salary.
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