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6.23 Lunar Harvest Interlude
Somewhere in the blackness of the void between galaxies, where even at the highest of warp speeds, there are no stars to be seen for months, the dim lights of the air fortress illuminate the darkness. Giant spotlights sweep around the ship, searching the void for signs of life that may be unfriendly. The crew is a quiet tense, their last contact from the Alliance being message of a civil war with the president appointed and former president elect. Despite this, General Hein sits on the bridge with his hands templed, more tense with waiting than with the situation. But deeper within the ship ...

"So.. General Hein wants.. all this... reassembled?" "That's what he said " Two engineers look out over a massive construction bay at the base of the ship, on a catwalk high above construction floors and labs, obviously the construction bay for the ships munitions, technologies and ships


Workers in harnesses rapel down from the ceiling onto the silver frame of the Zeus Cannon, removing the hull plating and stabalizers from it as robotic arms begin to remove the tiberium firing assembly. Below, forges can be seen working on new, revised black armor. A new and improved barrel based on another design, each cylindrical pipe being raised by massive crane and placed into line in the open frame. Engineers inside tear out computer consoles and replace them with more sophisticated targetting systems that seem to track on non physical levels. A screen pops up a moment as the words "Astral targetting online. Planar targetting online. Dimensional targetting online" comes up on consoles, much to the satisfaction of the scientists

In another section of the hangar, the remains of the wrecked Citadel Station are being dismantled by workers with hatchets and pick axes, vital components from sections of the station being removed, cannibalized and reassembled after inventory into parts bins. Throughout the ship, Heins voice can be heard above the clanging of hammers and the red hot fires of the forge

"Our mandate up until now has been the destruction of the Ing. Given light of everything that has happened. This mandate is no longer suitable, appropriate, or sufficient. Our objectives must be reassessed."

Meanwhile, in the armory, the bioetheric weapons are being modified with components much more advanced. Scopes that have odd orange lenses to them, energy weapons with runic markings inside the barrels.

"I want this ship -rebuilt- with the acquired technology. Our new propulsion system is not enough. Armor, weapons, shields, sensors. We arrive in Alliance space next week. We will do what must be done, whether it is the Ing or otherwise who stands in our way; God help them."

Outside, nanite reconstructing technologys have proceeded to terraform the hull from its former grey polytanium to a black ablative armor. The United States flag is covered over, but the words 'Air Fortress' are repainted with pure white along it's hull. The X-500 fighters in the hangars are torn to -shreds- by mechanical engineers who proceed to outfit them with new propulsion, new weapons, a sleek black paint job to match the new ship.

"Make no mistake, gentlemen. We are no longer stopping the Ing. We are declaring war on Giygas."
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