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The Dark Day and Its Aftermath
Location: Coruscant
Time Friday Night/Saturday Day

Coruscant the planet which never sleeps is lit up as brightly at night as it is during the day. The people of a million different species are going about their businesses both legal and illegal. The senators are sleeping or hard at work in their offices. All is normal even if it is anything but calm. Suddenly the entire planet shudders. People pause and stop, they had never had earthquakes before and most of them had never even seen the planet's surface in their lives. Then, it happens again only harder. Some of the buildings sway and the more shoddily built creak and crack with portions coming off of them. The entire planet awakes.

Then the screaming begins. While the planet was shaking, on its lower levels people were transforming into black creatures with yellow eyes. And those who transformed into these creatures were attacking others and converting them into similar creatures. Out of thin air these creatures began to appear as well. And then it started on the upper levels. Chaos errupted. The Jedi mobilized, ceasing any other tasks they were doing and began fighting the heartless. Any with an energy weapon was taking shots at the heartless.

An emergency meeting of the Senate of the Galactic Republic is called. The entire Republic is in a panicked state, reports are flooding in that this is happening across all member worlds. Everyone is demanding action, no one is offering up a plan. One man stands on a podium separate from the walls of the senate. Chancellor Palpatine raises his arms in a calming motion "I implore you all, please calm yourselves. A solution can and will be found to this most dire crisis." The senators slowly start to quiet down and all look towards the Chancellor who throughout this has remained calm and collected. "As a means of first response I propose the mobilization of all Jedi to combat this threat. I call for an immediate vote upon this proposed course of action." After a moment of murmured consultation there is a thunderous round of unanimous "AYES!" Palpatine speaks to one of his aids and a message is immediately dispatched to the Jedi.

Location: The Jedi Temple, Coruscant
In closed chambers the masters of the Jedi Order are meeting to discuss the current situation. Never before had any of them felt such a disturbance in the force, nor had anything like it been found in any of the temple records. Even consultations with those who had joined with the force had failed to glean any insights. Worry breaks across their usually calm facades, as billions are crying out in terror and being silenced. Master Yoda sits with his eyes closed "Dark day, this is." he says. The other council members nod in agreement. A messenger from the High Chancellor is shown in and he hands a document to Master Windu who after reading it passes it to the others. The messenger is then shown out. "The chancellor has ordered the immediate mobilization of the entire Order to fight this enemy." the rest nod while Yoda hrrms "Our allies, need we will," as he opens his eyes and looks out the windows at the chaos errupting. "Go now, we must."

Location: The Galactic Senate, Coruscant
Time: A few hours later

The senate has recovened after the heartless attacked and took several of their members as well as leaving horrific scars upon Chancellor Palpatine speaks "The attack on my life has left me scarred and deformed, but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger. In order to ensure the security and the continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire for a safer and securer society!" He is met with thunderous applause save for one of the many mobile podiums in which it is quietly said "So this is how liberty dies..with thunderous applause."

Location: A ship in separatist space
Time: Today

A communications channel is opened by the leaders of the separatist movement to Emperor Palpatine and the Senate. None of them are wasting time with pleasantries today. "In light of the current situation plaguing us all, we propose a truce until the matter is resolved," says one of the separatist leaders. Palpatine allows the senate to discuss this and vote with sound transmission to the separatists off and then the sound is restored "The Galactic Empire accepts this offer of a truce." It seems a peaceful end to the separatist movement was made. In the weeks that follow, its leaders all die in what are reported as heartless attacks.

Location: Gaia as a whole
Time: Friday night

The night is quiet and peaceful save for in the larger cities of the planet which do not sleep. The calm of the night is torn assunder as the entire planet shakes. Not only do the surface continents shake but so too the seafloor, zeal, and the floating continents. Across the planet people are awakening and the animals both mundane and magical are panicking as they smell the change in the air. People across the planet start transforming into black creatures with yellow eyes...and so do the more sentient of Gaia's magical creatures as well as many of those with a natural proclivity towards evil. Soon chaos errupts as people and animals try to fight off this plague. Deep in the seas a gentle whale shark desperately flees from a pack of sahaguin turned heartless. Merfolk fortify their undersea cities. In a tranquil isolated forest a unicorn foal desperately tries to outrun the heartless of a direwolf, only to be brought down and converted into a heartless with a bleating scream. In the skies dragons contend with airborn heartless in efforts to defend their nests; some are victorious...others join the ranks of their foes. The magical creatures of Gaia only so recently returned to it, find their ranks thinned this night as does the planet itself.

«/Urza Planeswalker\» u.u Urza just glances at his mechanical dragonfly as it speaks ... I hate this universe. I really.. truly do. He fades out of existance a moment later, heading to the disaster

Location: Quintus
Time: Friday Night
Emperor Jonas Quinton Josiah White III has kept his post down by the doors of the heart of Quintus ever since the Dimensional Warriors left his world. Daily, Control, the head of the JBI, has updated him on the situations of governance, people, and the federation. All of Quintus has had a strengthening of their patriotic spirit since the events which brought DW to them; for many it is a newfound love for their world as well. With the exception of dealing with the Ing and diplomatic communication amongst federation worlds regarding Hein, one day and night are much like the next. Until tonight.
The heart of Quintus starts frantically pulsing, in a manner akin to a distressed heartbeat. The emperor bolts awake from his cot and takes up a sword and pistol which are immediately to his right. He looks to the door, and then the world shakes. This close to the heart, the wave of darkness spreading through the universe is actually partially visible and in response to it pressing up against the door, the heart of the world of Quintus pushes back. A bright pink light starts emanating from it.
In the underwater cities above, however, people are transforming into heartless and attempting to transform others into heartless. Ironically the imprisoned traitors of QuintSec are some of the first to go. The JBI of Quintus mobilizes at the first report of heartless and immediately starts putting the cities into lockdown and hitting the streets. Any heartless they see is taken down immediately. There are fewer heartless manifesting out of the air here than upon other worlds. Some heartless do manifest down near the door, only to be dispatch with great haste and skill by the emperor who is leaving his guards staring slackjawed at the man as they never suspected him to be truly martially competent. The Quintians had learned from their last two brushes with Darkness. Quintus while dealt a blow, has resisted the hysteria which would have fed the reaction.

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia.
On the outskirts of the largest city in Bosnia, night has fallen on a giant compound obscured by a perimeter of radar jamming facilities. The black and red trim of the scorpion like Temple Prime of the Brotherhood of NOD dominates much of a large open plain. Kane's forces appear to be preparing for full mobilization as thousands of soldiers stand vigil over Nod's most sacred place. Deep within the temple walls, Kane paces back and forth watching a monitor, all while wearing a black monks robe. His red scorpion's ring sits proudly on his finger.
My.. ascension is near. The TCN is nearly complete and the installation will soon be ready. Now Julian must be made to pay for his treachery. He turns to a seemingly invisible person at the camera and raises his finger Julian has fled to Austrailia. Bring him alive, but spare none of those in his following. I have other plans for hi--
A sudden explosion rocks the facility as the sound of aircraft echoes through the temple halls. Anti aircraft fire begins spraying into the skies as bomber aircraft make a high speed pass over the plain. Kane furrows his brow as he shields himself from a bit of debris "... or perhaps it seems Mr. Monte has come to us. Commander, I want you to.."
It's not Julian. Those are GDI attack craft, Lord Kane, GDI is attacking Temple Prime.
... WHAT?

Outside, the ground begins to rumble and quake as artillery shells pound the ground. An entire armored division of tanks rolls across the plains flanked by helicoptors and infantry. From the skies, large gold and white dropships emblazoned with the logo of an Eagles talon thunder into the ground and begin deploying into mobile command centers on the perimeter of the NOD encampment. They fall just outside the range of the first concrete palisade, a full 6 kilometers outside of the actual temple itself. As the tanks start to approach the defensive barrier, black talon like towers along the concrete begin glowing red at the tip, firing powerful streams of energy into the vehicles with devestating results.
A female voice bellows out over the communications "This is the Global Defense Initiative. For aggregious crimes against humanity and for opposing the global government, you and your followers are under arrest. This ends here Kane."

Kane stands and clenches his fist The G-D-I have no room to talk on that subject. Commander, forget my last order. Go out there and hold off the advancing armies. I must secure the Tacitus... I am placing my trust in you commander and as Julian will soon know there is a deadly cost for betraying it. Go. He waves his hand with a get moving gesture NOW. Outside, the battle rages onward, artillery fire being exchanged back and forth from the towers. Giant AT-AT like walker units begin deploying from the dropships, advancing towards the perimeter wall at a rate even the powerful obelisk cannons are helpless to stop. From the perimeter wall, NOD officers look onward as the armies start drawing ever closer, manning pillboxes in an attempt to hold them off. In the midst of GDI forces, armored buggies begin decloaking and firing rockets into the midst of the crowd, destroying other vehicles. As the bomber aircraft make a second pass however, a pair of bombs whistle down from the sky and breach the first of three concrete barriers around temple prime.
Kane meanwhile makes his way through the temple as one of the windows shatters behind him, his face showing not fear but utter emotionless determination as he walks into an office and opens a safe to reveal a glass sphere with arrays of information spiralling through its core. The information is seemingly illegible.

Outside, as the battle reaches it's peak, the two titanic forces begin to find themselves in a stalemate at the heavily fortified second wall. NOD's own aircraft have scrambled in a defensive measure against GDI, and their own powerful tanks have taken to the field around the perimeter palisade. A group of GDI soldiers in heavy armor dash past a large refinery structure, spraying fire up towards one of the towers on the concrete barrier. The soldier manning the tower is shot and crashes through the window, falling the long distance to the ground below. A generator station nearby explodes from artillery fire, causing some of the obelisk towers to shut down.

Kane walks into the control room as he grabs a terminal away from one of his men and clutches the screen. "They've breached the first wall, and we're losing power to the defenses. Send a --"
Kane suddenly double takes at the screen as the battle suddenly .. halts.
... Why have our men stopped firing?!

Meanwhile.. in one of the GDI dropships, a black woman in grey and white camo gear stares at a holographic display angrily. "Who told those bastards to stop shooting? We HAVE him. We HAVE KANE."

Radios on both sides begin relaying .. screams.
A number of soldiers on the battlefield on both sides start screaming in pain as they crouch down, transforming into the inky black form of heartless, drawing looks of surprise and horror from the remainder of the soldiers. The heartless begin chewing through both lines as Neo Heartless form from the soldiers and start popping out of the ground.
In the GDI command center, the black woman grabs her radio "I don't care if the person beside you turned into a CLOWN and started DANCING. I WANT KANES HEAD. CONTINUE THE ATTACK. THAT'S AN ORDER, SOLDIER!"
The GDI soldiers start pressing on the attack while trying to fend off the growing number of heartless, taking advantage of the weakened defensive position of the brotherhood. The remaining functional obelisks resume firing as both sides attempt to continue their assault despite the changing scenario.

Kane meanwhile quickly drums his fingers Tell our men to withdraw and activate all automated defenses. We're moving to our backup site at the installation. Temple Prime is lost.. but we may still turn this day into a victory. The officers seem disheartened by Kane's decision to retreat, even reluctant. "Let the GDI think they have won. It will be the brotherhood who saves this world, not the capitalist oppressors. Go. Now." Kane turns around and withdraws a revolver, opening fire at a heartless that used to be one of his officers. When the revolver does not work, he starts ushering people out of the control room, away from the spawning heartless. Before Kane himself leaves however, he begins typing into a console, punching in a series of codes. "If GDI wishes war at this cost, they will reap what they sow."
In the distance, outside of the field of battle, a concrete cover begins pulling away to reveal a deep shaft running into the ground and a large ICBM missile concealed within the underground chamber. On a computer monitor, a countdown timer begins to tick downwards from T-60 seconds, steam funneling out of the rocket's engines as safety barriers pull away from it's massive structure.

As Kane turns to leave however, there is a click from the other end of the room as four GDI commando's with rifles aim their weapons at him. Kane turns quietly to the men and temples his hands "I am unarmed, brothers. Please put away your guns. I will come quietly". The soldiers seem to listen at first, before that same heartless suddenly pounces one of the four. Two of them turn to open fire at the heartless while the last one keeps his attention solely on Kane.
There is still time for you to live. You need not die as you are about to.
These demons are your work Kane. The soldier suddenly opens fire at him with his rifle I'll send you to hell to join them. As the soldier continues firing, his hands turn inky black, his eyes changing to yellow as he turns into a heartless right there on the spot. Kane meanwhile is hit by several bullets and ducks behind a console. Doing so however causes him to drop the glass orb concealed within his cloak to the ground. Looking at the computer console, Kane winces amidst the continued hail of bullets from the converting man. He moves to reach for it, but narrowly pulls his hand back to avoid a shot to the hand. With little recourse, he flees through the door.

The ICBM suddenly rips out of it's silo at deafening speed, drawing the attention of the GDI forces now fighting solely with the compounds automated defenses. They watch in horror as the missile arcs almost immediately, flying now downwards straight towards Temple Prime.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdJgr7vGUsc#t=2s (just that one clip)
The resulting nuclear explosion serves as a catalyst for a much more powerful detonation of the massive tiberium cache underneath the temple. The blast and shockwave can be seen from orbit as dust, debris and fire spread for miles, dwarfed only by a second pulsing aurora borealis like plume that rises high into space, the Tiberium energy discharging with tremendous force.

On the News: "It has been reported that a surgical strike by GDI has killed the Brotherhood's leader at what was his secret temple in the deserted ruins of Sarajevo. Kane is believed to have triggered the explosion shown left as a kamikaze. Only a few of those who made this heroic effort survived Kane's final act of desperation. One such hero is Colonel Louise James who lead the attack from a dropship." "With the leader of the brotherhood dead, splinters of the Brotherhood have begun terrorist attacks across the globe as a retaliation for this action, attacking GDI centres around the remains of Earth. Only one seems poised to replace Kane however, Julian Monte, the brotherhood member attributed with revealing Kane's location and ending his terror."
"Meanwhile, the mysterious spread of shadow like monsters across the universe seems to be going unchecked by GDI forces. We'll bring you more on this pandemic after the weather"

Location: Mobius
Somewhere deep within a mountain, hallways of machines lead to a giant construction site. A cavernous underground lair protected by rotund red and gold robots holding rifles sits beneath the mountain surface, all flanking the construction of some kind of gigantic spherical object by even more machines. In the upper chambers of the facility, pinned up blueprints of a giant battlestation known as the Death Egg sit over a design table as Eggman looks down at the construction of his newest weapon. "With my Death Egg fully operational, even that accursed hedgehog won't be able to stand in my way. All Mobius will bow at my feet, bwahahaha"

The rounded scientist stands overlooking his creation wearing a red overcoat with black suit pants. He wears the shoulder tassels of a dictator, and the white gloves of an officer. His coat is buttoned with brass buttons. This is no buffoon, but rather the commander of a powerful army of robots. Suddenly, a flashing red alarm light and klaxon sound overhead as monitors click on showing intruders in the perimeter of the mountain. Eggman leans in to the monitors and adjusts his spectacles to glance at the intruders "If that's that blue pest again I'll... what's this?"

On the screen, it shows a family of humans running away from shadow beings. One of the parents degenerates into an inky black shadow as it lunges at the other. It takes the man a full few moments to contemplate what he's seeing, his oversized fingers slamming at keys to pull up a scanner reading. ".. It's the same energy that Mephilles broadcast 2 years ago. Grrrr... I thought I told that pest Giygas this was my world to rule, not his." Eggman slams his hand into the console angrily "If he DESTROYS Mobius, I'll have nothing to rule. If it didn't learn it's lesson the last time, I'll just have to make the next one more memorable."

He grabs a microphone and flips a switch, speaking in a commanding tone "Attention Eggman Empire. Now hear this." His voice bellows out through the hallway of his facility, echoing from chamber to chamber as he speaks with an annoyed but resigned tone "Construction of the Death Egg is being put on the back burner. Launch the Egg Fleet immediately in defense of Mobius. All robots, find those monsters and kill them at any cost before they spread to more of the population." He taps his forehead "If you see Sonic or his misfit friends, they aren't your priority at this time. Now, all robots. DEPLOY!" He slams his gloved finger out into the air phoenix wright style as thousands of ships launch from his mountain lair, his full arsenal launching from hangars with an army of robots onboard each ship set to deploy.

Location: Unknown
In a city made out of a strange purple metal, alien structures rise to the sky around a large spire. An energy shield seperates the giant city from the vacuum of space. Small dog faced aliens dash through a single corridor, opening fire on a pair of large shadow beasts about a third of the size of a Dark Side.

Somewhere deep inside the city, a group of aliens on hovering spheres float around a council chamber. One wearing a gold helm with a blue glowing circle in it slams his fist down on the table in an elderly voice, "There will be order."

One of the other floating ones glances over towards the one in the gold helm "A word, Truth. The Covenant has not faced a threat such as this since the Flood. The Sanghelli grow restless.. the pandemic seems to affect the Jiralhanae and Unggoy first, who then spread it to the others. There is talk of a purge."

The one referred to as Truth raises a hand "I will address the races personally. We have waited long for this day; this is a sign, the cleansing of the infidels that shall signal the start of the Great Journey"

Throughout the hallways of the Covenant capital 'High Charity', a voice, religious and controlling, comes through the speakers. "I have heard it said that many of you are questioning your faith in these dire times. But look amongst yourselves.. are not the truly faithful to the vision of the ancestors still among us? This is a sign.. the sign that the Covenant was formed to await. It is those who question their faith that turn into these beings... these.. demons. We are being tested to see if we are truly worthy to begin the Great Journey. Indeed, this is a sign. The End Times are upon us. Now, the Great Journey shall begin, and we the chosen will ascend to a higher form of life, leaving the wicked infidels and unworthy to BURN until naught but ash remains"

"The road which leads to the Great Journey is held by humans. The time has come to extinguish them and take our rightful place in the Stars"

"All in the covenant, make ready. Our final battles lay ahead. We, the chosen of the forerunner, will ascend into the light. Lay in a course for the Human world known as 'Earth', all ships of the fleet."

Outside the station, entire fleets of silver colored cruisers and purple transports begin to accelerate along with the city. The entire Covenant Armada suddenly moves to hyperspace, deploying towards the Milky Way in a massive golden column that closes behind their ships.

Location: Gaia
A peaceful sky is suddenly interrupted as high above Hikaru City, a squadron of high speed aurora fighters blast skyward, breaking the sound barrier. A radio transmission comes over their headsets "This is Skybird to Echo Team. Hikaru Province of Arcadia has been overflown by a fleet of hostile aircraft. Intercept, Engage and Destroy." The jets punch ahead on full afterburners, rocketing through the cloud cover above the sky into the blue skies above. The leader speaks into his headset "This is Echo Leader. I've got visual but no radar contact. Enemy may be stealth." His tone switches a moment as he changes frequency "This is Arcadian Air Force "Echo". This is your only warning. You have overflown sovereign airspace and will be shot down if you do not respond and change course immediately."

The fighters race ahead, chasing black dots on a blue sky. Waiting for a response, their response seems instead to be a hail of energy weapons fire that strikes the third plane on the left. Smoke begins pouring into the cockpit as the pilot jerks hard left to avoid more shots. "I'm hit. Echo 7 is hit. Bugging out bearing 249. I got careless."

Immediately, the remaining fighter craft open fire with vulcan rounds, chasing the black dots as they weave inwards towards the ground, diving through the cloud cover. Echo leader furrows his brow as he grabs his flight yoke and jams it downward, sending his plane diving into the white cloud "All Echo, after them. Do not let the enemy reach the city"

Punching through the cloud cover, they fire dumbfire missiles towards the black dots. Most miss and strike sections of forest around a public roadway, but one manages to make contact with what appeared to be some kind of alien spacecraft. The bullets seem to absorb harmlessly into it's armor without any real issue. "Bogey One, hit. Weapons are ineffective."

The planes exchange fire for a few moments before suddenly a beam of blue energy pierces through the cloud cover, annihilating the enemy craft. Echo team suddenly banks away from the beam, narrowly avoiding collision with the powerful weapon. "The hell was that. Skybird was that us?" "Negative. That was an unknown element. Suggest not engaging at this time, it does not appear hostile.

Return to base" The fighters bank around and head back to the Nocturne province of Arcadia at military thrust, not going above the cloud cover ...

... While above the cloud cover, a large blue and white capital ship sails through the skies, flanked by a whole fleet of propeller powered airships that resemble flying metal galleons of the British fleet. The masts of the ships tower high above as clusters of propellers line the rear of the ship. Spotlights swivel around the blue and white vessal, illuminating the words 'Delphinius'.

Onboard the bridge of the craft, a little purple haired midget... sorry Jamie. 'Height challenged' male sits wearing an emerald green uniform and black suit pants. He has a glass bubble around his head with several vents on top in the shape of a smiley face. He almost resembles Emperor Pilaf in a sense. "Ehehehe. Fantastic, the Queen will be impressed with my brilliant science. The moonstone cannon can actually hurt those invaders"

Behind him, a figure with emerald green eyes simply sits and observes. He wears simple brown armor with a black shirt underneath. His hair is silver and his gloves are red with white fingers. He speaks calmly "Lord Galcian will be pleased with your success, Admiral Deloco. His idea worked brilliantly, as expected." Deloco waves his hand "Pssh. Galcian's a blowhard. I did all the work. Thanks to my genius, we'll have moonstone cannons on half the armada in months. Nobody challenges the might of Valua."

Location: Deep Space, Milky Way

A formation of heavy cruisers drops out of warp in the midst of a MASSIVE battle, immediately pounding gunfire from all ports in the direction of an invading enemy fleet. Onboard the ships, gunners take stations and man primary weapons, sending thousands of energy shells and phaser streams towards approaching silver Covenant attack ships. Purple banshee's (which look almost like tripods) and Seraph's (which look like large saucers with front prongs) deploy from even larger ships and speed towards the Alliance fighters.

Alliance X-505 fighters jam forward, weaving past debris from both sides. Vulcan fire and plasma shells interchange, casting light throughout the field as vehicles on both sides explode. A huge beam discharges from one of the larger covenant ships and slams into an Alliance warship, cleaving it's upper decks in half. The officers are vented into space as half of the ship depressurizes in an instant. A volley of ion cannon fire from another ship however cripples a Covenant Seraph, striking it in between the prongs triggering a chain reaction which blows the vessel apart. As the two warring fleets move closer to each other, a black rock begins moving into the space between both fleets. In the blackness of space, Ing crawl out onto their Leviathan as it barrels towards the battle, smashing the debris of smaller ships out of it's path. Ing leap outwards into space towards the ships of both sides, their orange eyes the only hint that something is coming in the shadows.

As the Ing land on the ships on both sides, they sink into the hull, emerging in halls to possess the first beings in their paths. One by one, ships on either side start firing on their own kind, turning the battle into an absolute battle royale as Alliance Cruiser turns against Alliance Warship. One of the X-505's narrowly avoids a missile attack from it's own wingman by weaving into the broken open hull of an alliance warship, the missile smashing against the Debris.

Meanwhile, each ship contends with the rising rate of conversion into regular heartless in it's own way. A number of ships are lost simply to having their senior officers converted into Heartless, leaving no one to operate core systems in the middle of a battlefield.

Then the saucers start coming... From above the arena.. a fleet of silver, perfectly smooth saucers start descending, seemingly made out of the same material as Star Men. Their nondescript silver hulls start firing red lasers into the fray that literally clean cut in half entire starships. Starmen start forming on the remainder, drawing gunfire in corridors. On one Alliance Vessel, a soldier sprays fire from a covered position against a Super Starman, ducking back behind a bulkhead to avoid a wave of PSI fire. Less than 3 feet away from him, an engineer takes a plasma cutter to the head of a Neo Heartless before being possessed from behind by an Ing Warrior.

One of the captain's on the command ship for the fleet just stares in disbelief, raising his eyebrows as yet another enemy force moves into alliance space. He just grabs his radio "WHICH ONE OF YOU OPENED THE GATE TO HELL?" before the bridge window of his ship is collapsed by a fuel rod cannon blast.

The camera pans back out to a galaxy view on a monitor, showing conflicts erupting throughout the galaxy. Harold Saxon looks on at the coming storm with the slightest bit of concern, rubbing his chin. Over a thousand large scale conflicts have erupted in the past 2 days. Something was amiss in the universe.. and for once, he didn't cause it.

Meanwhile... a single Covenant vessal descends from hyperspace above the atmosphere of the split halves of Earth...
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