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6.16 Terms of Engagement Interlude
Location: The Air Fortress

Hull breach in Sector 1.
Hull breach in Sector 2.
Hull breach in Sector 5.
Main power failure in Relay-
Would somebody please shut her up. Hein rubs his forehead as he glances over the wreckage of his bridge from a space suit. Speaking into a radio, he pushes aside debris from the helm console that drifts out the broken windows into space How long until we can lay a pursuit course?
The scene in front of Hein is one of devestation, both of his own bridge and the space pirate fleet. Heavy girders crush consoles beneath their weight and entire light fixtures and wire conduits have come loose. An engineer looks over to Hein "We can't even try a warp jump until this damage is repaired. Assuming we do the bare minimum of repairs, it'll be at least a week or two before we can follow them. We're lucky to be alive, we survived six separate fleets cooperating against us."
It isn't luck, soldier. We fought hard and wounded the enemy numbers. War is won one victory at a time. Hein walks over to his station and opens a drawer, removing a photograph from his desk. The photograph features himself in civillian clothes, a woman, and a young girl. Glancing at the back of the photo, he notes the writing "Lost Without You" Get to work on repairs immediately. I want us combat ready in 24 hours and warp ready in 72. That's an order.

From outside of sensor range of the wounded Air Fortress, a red dagger shaped ship observes the proceedings quietly, a long vessal with two orbital wings spinning slowly on the rear of the ship. From the bridge of the vessel, a blonde muscular man, tall, glances onward over a crowd of soldiers. "They fell for it. Hook. Line. Und sinkah."
On the broken bridge of the Destiny's Ascension, with much of the ship silent and inoperational, men in black space suits carrying laser weapons walk along the hull into the broken bridge. Plugging a device into one of the control consoles, a series of text prompts suddenly fly past the screen before coming up as "Metroid presence detected in public area. Shipwide lockdown in effect."
The modules of the DA proceed to lock down one by one, the apartments sealing shut, the colony module locking from the axial corridor, engineering sealing completely off. A dark shadow begins to cover the nose of the ascension as something begins to approach.
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