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Alas poor Puck
12:14] <@GirlElf> «» Location: Eyrie Building, recently moved to Gaia. Time: Approximately 3 days ago.
[12:16] <@Hal_Emmerich> Owen is presently in the presence of David Xanatos in his office, the stiff blonde man wearing his glasses and full suit. I assure you, Mr Xanatos, I would not be leaving if it were not of the utmost importance. It is a family emergency, as I have said. I will likely return by tomorrow, or at most, within three days.
[12:17] <@Hal_Emmerich> David temples his fingers in his large executive chair, his glass office in the castle atop the tower overlooking much of the Arcadian skyline You hardly need to ask. You haven't taken a personal day since you signed on Owen. Take care of your business, and keep me informed of the details.
[12:18] <@Hal_Emmerich> Very well, Mr Xanatos. And with that... Owen proceeds to snap his fingers, moving to generate himself a little trip to Avalon.
[12:19] <@GirlElf> «» Owen you find yourself still in David's office. Unable to take that little trip to Avalon.
[12:19] <@Hal_Emmerich> Xanatos quirks a brow, sitting forward to place his elbows on his desk Forget something?
[12:20] <@Hal_Emmerich> ... as awkward as this may seem, I seem to have forgotten the way home. Owen rubs his chin a moment, trying to open it again. This could present a problem.
[12:21] <@Hal_Emmerich> ... That isn't like you. Are you feeling alright?
[12:22] <@Hal_Emmerich> ... No. Mr Xanatos. I believe I have been cursed. There is a spell of legend which forces someone to remain on a plane, regardless of what attempts to rift them out.
[14:25] <@Hal_Emmerich> If that is the case; you and your family need to vacate the building.
[14:26] <@Hal_Emmerich> What? Xanatos quirks a brow I'm afraid I don't understand.
[14:26] <@GirlElf> «» from out of the shadows in a corner of the office you hear a soft chiding sound almost like a tsk tsk, though calm and sophisticated. The voice distinctly feminine. A figure steps forth from the shadows; tall, garbed in flowing black robes, wearing a headdress fashioned in the likeness of two black horns. Her skin is a pale green, and her eyes yellow. There is a coldness to her in both her bearing and the sheer soul chilling aura which she gives off.
[14:26] <@Hal_Emmerich> The spell I speak of is a line of sight. He quirks a brow as he hears the noise, not turning around yet Mr Xanatos. I strongly suggest that you leave. Now.
[14:27] <@Hal_Emmerich> Xanatos nods and taps the panic button on his desk before grabbing a rifle from his desk and retreating through a side exit into the castle residences.
[14:28] <@GirlElf> <???> the voice sounds amused "One would almost think you were afraid of something, to urge him to leave so swiftly." her eyes all on Owen
[14:28] <@Hal_Emmerich> Owen takes his glasses off of his face and sighs a moment. Pocketting them in his suit pocket, he folds his arms And you would be 'Maleficent' I presume? I thought there was a putrid odor in the room.
[14:29] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» arches a brow at his statement "Oh no doubt gone with your dear mortal friend." she smiles
[14:30] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Though, you were going to be most inconvenient." a chiding tone that belies something far more malicious underneath it
[14:30] <@Hal_Emmerich> Owen turns around and faces the woman without a glimpse of fear As I stated. The spell was a line of sight. Your appearance here is hardly a surprise. I was not aware you fear Oberon, the child of Mab.
[14:31] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Oh, the house of Mab in it's entirety shall fall." stated quite confidently "But not until they are filled with despair."
[14:32] <@GirlElf> «» the glow of her staff crystal is slowly increasing, subtley almost.
[14:33] <@Hal_Emmerich> Many in this city make their livings in the modern science of psychiatry. Might I suggest you consider employing them as a lackey. It would do you considerable good. Owen suddenly begins twirling in place until he turns into the floating trickster known as Puck, medieval garb, long white hair, pointed ears and elf boots A sane mind would go a long way with your ~charming~ personality.
[14:38] <@Hal_Emmerich> As Maleficent moves to fire, a trio of armed guards in Xanatos armor kick down the door to Xanatos's office, armed in heavy armor and laser cannons. The lead one opens fire on Maleficent as Puck flips in the air out of the way of the strike. "Target located. Take her down"
[14:39] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» keeps her attention seemingly on puck ignoring the pathetic mortals and their weapons. A show of arrogance or of confidence?
[14:39] <@Hal_Emmerich> *wiggles his brows* You'll find I'm full of surprises Maleficent. He begins chanting Potted plant in this office space, make my foe learn well her place. His eyes glow as one of the potted plants behind Maleficent moves to snap out and tries to restrict her, its roots digging into the tiled floor
[14:40] <@GirlElf> «» Throughough the building doors and windows are slamming shut and sealing magically, trapping people inside....
[14:42] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» seems amused by this puck "How charming Mab's brats still rhyme." Her response is to simply flare power around herself which consumes that which attempts to touch her. Any fire from the human weapons simply dissolves upon an invisible barrier about her.
[14:53] <@Hal_Emmerich> Puck just winces at the plant that surrounds her Ouch. No wonder you couldn't get a date to the prom. While she's occupied, Puck disappears into one of the paintings in the office, diving through it as though it was a portal
[14:55] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» eyes narrow slightly and a cruel smile graces her face as she sets the painting puck has leapt into on fire. Not engulfed, but such that it runs him to the edge."
[14:56] <@GirlElf> «» Interestingly enough Puck, you can feel that heat in painting.
[14:57] <@Hal_Emmerich> Puck pops his head out of a painting on the opposite wall, pointing his finger at the ground Maleficent is standing on Iron gird and ceramic floor. Make our guest an exit door. The floor beneath Maleficent begins to part to the lower level
[14:57] <@Chanree> ~Erica~ ---- oi puck..like to take a sauna? cause that's kinda like the same feeling..yet that's hotter <.<
[14:58] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» quite calmly levitates in place as she without so much as turning about sets the picture behind her aflame as well "Have you perchance seen what a cat does when it catches the mouse?"
[15:00] <@Hal_Emmerich> Puck ducks back into the portrait, but his voice radiates in the room Have you ever seen a mouse that can fight back? The various objects in the office begin to levitate as Xanatos's desk, sofa's, office chair, and computer turn into a golem of sorts. The desk is the body, sofa the legs, a lamp for one arm and the executive chair for the other. The monitor turns around and Pucks
[15:00] <@Hal_Emmerich> face is on it I always said this place could use some redecorating He takes a hard swing at her with the lamp
[15:02] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» is no longer standing where she was, she is now behind the golem which has a swirl of darkness form about it. The chill it radiates can be felt in the burning portraits and even within the walls. The darkness eats away at these objects, destroying any structural integrity that they may have.
[15:04] <@Hal_Emmerich> The golem falls apart, though as it does, it moves to shove the butt of the lamp back into her face, going for a cheap shot. Meanwhile, Puck watches from the reflection of the office window with a grin, standing in the reflection
[15:05] <@GirlElf> «» the lamp breaks into a thousand tiny pieces before it touches her, pieces which are directed into the three guards still there. Slicing them into ribbons. "The cat makes a choice. A clean kill, or to play with the mouse til it dies."
[15:09] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Though one so carefree would certainly not be bothered by the plight of others." her eyes half lid a moment and a scene can now be seen in another pance of glass. There is a secretary backed up against a sealed door screaming for help as several heartless have closed in. Some guards attempt to fire on them but lack what is needed. Fate the runs its course as the inky black creatures crawl |Cont|
[15:09] <@GirlElf> |Cont| 0 over the woman and she disappears in a swirl of darkness a new heartless being added to their pack. |Fin|
[15:15] <@Hal_Emmerich> Puck glares at her through the reflection. This one made him angry. Oh this one made him VERY angry. His eyes glow in the reflection as he moves out of the glass behind her The pucks wrath that you do test, tempt the trickster to do his best. Though this battle you may win, I shall have the final grin. Magic begins swirling around him as his hair levitates From now on, though your time YOU MAY BIDE. In the shadows no more shall you hide!
[15:16] <@Hal_Emmerich> Puck conjures up an aura of green energy as he shoots the massive pulse of green energy out, flaring the office filled with his green magic
[15:18] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» laughs at his attempt at a curse "You would attempt to curse me? Me the Mistress of all Evil?" She simply lets her shielding which has taken care of everything else deal with this. Though given the abundance of magic and light in the room it cannot be seen if it took or was repelled.
[15:20] <@Hal_Emmerich> Oh come on. If you came all this way and didn't even get a proper fight, you'd be disappointed. What kind of a host would I be? Make you a deal. You release the locks on the office, let the humans and others go, and I'll give up without a fight. You have my word.
[15:21] <@GirlElf> «» Maleficent changes the scene to yet another innocent little intern being consumed by heartless "For every 10 seconds you keep me waiting. Another shall be consumed." she seems to take some sort of satisfaction in his anger at this as well as at the people being consumed. And every ten seconds the face being consumed changes to that of another young life destroyed. Each one run down until they were trapped by the lockdown she has imposed. And it is not confined to the working spaces you see even the household servants being given this treatment which means the heartless are in the castle. |Fin|
[15:21] <@Hal_Emmerich> Unharmed, uninjured, and unmodified.
[15:21] <@Hal_Emmerich> Do we have a deal?
[15:24] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "The humans I will release, however I have already taken one of the others whom you do not name. I believe in your little family they call it insurance. Will you still give your word to give yourself up?" and while they are talking the images keep on changing to face after face.
[15:24] <@Hal_Emmerich> And the half human, half fae child.
[15:24] <@Hal_Emmerich> Agree to that, and I will keep my word.
[15:25] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» smiles "And the halfbreed child and her child."
[15:26] <@GirlElf> «» Have you kept count of the faces Puck? Those people to whose families you or David will need to write?
[15:27] <@Hal_Emmerich> The Xanatoses and their family, any in the building, and you have a deal. I hearby give my word that with those conditions met, the Puck shall submit without fight to end the game.
[15:28] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Save for the one whom I have already taken and we will be agreed."
[15:29] <@Hal_Emmerich> David, Fox and Alexander are fine. We're agreed.
[15:29] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Agreed. Now kneel before me." her voice is so cold
[15:30] <@Hal_Emmerich> I didn't say I'd kneel, I said I wouldn't fight it. he wags a finger So, get it over with.
[15:30] <@GirlElf> «» is puck out of the glass now?
[15:31] <@Hal_Emmerich> --- he is, yes
[15:31] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "When the time is right, you will be my message to Oberon." a cold smile upon her face "Until that time, take this as a lesson in your own mortality."
[15:33] <@Hal_Emmerich> Maleficent, from the corner of your eye, a massive blue pulse of energy flies down the side corridor into the office and attempts to smash into you. The beam originated from a bazooka sized rifle being held by a red colored, cold iron gargoyle. "Class dismissed."
[15:34] <@GirlElf> «» puck you suddenly cannot breath at all as the chill of darkness surrounds you. There is a spiral of darkness about you. You feel yourself being metaphysically shredded. To say it hurts is an understatement. Even excruciating does not begin to describe the darkness shredding your soul. You can hear your ribs snapping as the darkness exerts a physical pressure now. Puck has lost at this point 3/4 of his metaphysical self.
[15:34] <@Hal_Emmerich> Puck meanwhile is likely levitated and will probably be screaming out in pain from this one as the darkness surrounds him
[15:35] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» is left still standing after the blast dust has cleared, seemingly untouched by this. "How quaint."
[15:36] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Oh and do remember, when the time is right you shall convey this message for me to your dearly beloved Lord Oberon."
[15:36] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» a pure evil laugh following that statement
[15:36] <@Hal_Emmerich> Still holding the weapon, sets it to full power and aims again. The man is fully suited in cold iron, even around his head. The hydraulic controls on the arms adjust and whirr as the suit aims again, the twin wings refracting light from the flashing alarms I'm afraid you've overstayed your welcome in my home. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
[15:37] <@GirlElf> «» she seems entirely unbothered by the cold iron
[15:38] <@Hal_Emmerich> Notes this, but doesn't change his stance at the moment. The suit had plenty of other weapons if need be, and he wasn't in direct contact with her yet anyway Unless you'd like a lesson in humility instead.
[15:39] <@Hal_Emmerich> *a lesson in your own
[15:39] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» "Oh I shall be leaving quite soon. What I came for has been done." there is a definate note of evil gloating "And Puck, do think upon this should ever decide to speak to your little friends in the Dimensional Warriors again."
[15:40] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» smirks at David and he suddenly flung back into a wall, her magic affecting something encased in cold iron "One should not speak to their betters suchly."
[15:40] <@Hal_Emmerich> Xanatos is going to fire the weapon at her again, mid sentence. The man was not pleased. The energy charges and discharges as this time, a solid beam of pure blue energy rips from the barrel and is going to constantly barrage her. This is a prism cannon, a few grades below ion, but it'll take down a tank in one shot. As he fires, cold iron missiles launch from shoulder racks
[15:41] <@Hal_Emmerich> --- So they possibly hit eachother, lol
[15:42] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» after the dust clears is standing there untouched, looking amused. "Did you really think your pathetic little toys could harm me?" she steps towards him malevolently.
[15:43] <@Hal_Emmerich> Xanatos is, never the less, not immune to magic, so his suit is easily lifted up into the air and flung backwards down the corridor. It smacks him into a pillar hard enough to smash it. The servo's of the suit whirr heavily, trying to catch so the suit could stand up before Xanatos himself actually collapses from the impact
[15:44] <@GirlElf> «Maleficent» looks back to the writhing puck who is now 1/5 of his former self metaphysically and broken physically "Do remember this lies again in your future." and she departs in a glowing ball of green light.
[15:44] <@GirlElf> «» when she leaves the darkness spiral drops Puck to the ground.
[15:46] <@Hal_Emmerich> Attendants move to scramble to assist both the downed Puck and help Xanatos back to his feet. Xanatos, even barely just off of the ground, staggers to his feet and makes his way towards Puck, moving to pick him up "Somebody get a doctor. I don't care if you have to kidnap him, just get one here now."
[15:47] <@Hal_Emmerich> And thats the end cinematic. Xanatos looks to the rising sun from his office, his suit worn and torn as he glances out into the sunrise from his ruined office

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