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5.12 - In the Wake of the Storm
Shortly after the Dimensional Warrior's escape from the Valuan Grand Fortress and Admiral Alfonso's flagship -- as well as the Admiral's indecent proposal to Ceresia -- the crew of the Elsa were beginning to relax while the Valuan Air Force fought with Hikaru City's andC Captain Masato's Lance of Light.

"Man.. its a good thing we got out of there when we did," Hammer says off-handedly towards Captain Matthews in his cherry-picker, "There was another huge capship moving in from bearing 242. Looked like some kind of warship... buuuut it didn't match anything I've ever seen..."

"Can't you just shut up and let us enjoy a LITTLE bit of good news, Hammer?" Captain Matthews responds, slamming his fist on the arm of his chair as he glares down at the other man.

"Two-four-two?" Ceresia asks as she stands up from her place and approaches behind Hammer, resting one hand on the back of his seat to look curiously at what he gestures at on his radar screen. "From the southeast?"

Ceresia glances to the monitor, merely seeing the presence of a giant battleship drawing across the edge of the radar. Radar images fail to carry however, the immense size and firepower of the approaching platform. Slowly, as the Elsa disappears beneath the clouds, the dark grey fin of the Vangel battleship begins to rise like a shark from the waters, its heavy armor plating and enhanced propulsion systems allowing it to move swiftly despite its immense size.

"How very peculiar... this signature suggests something of mammoth proportions," Ceresia asks as she glances aside at Hammer's face, "Yes?"

"...Exactly," Hammer responds with a slight nod of his head, concern starting to write over his features.

Meanwhile, from the bridge of the Vangel, Rathbone sits in the captains chair as his officers operate rows of computer equipment, most of it having been updated with more modern computers brought with them. As it begins to rise, Rathbone grins a moment

Aboard the the Elsa, "Judging from its origin and its heading, not to mention the simple name of the ship that we escaped -- the Grand Fortress, which would be more suiting for a ship like this rather than the other -- it can be assumed that it is no Valuan reinforcement..." Ceresia continues, looking up towards the front viewports of the Elsa as if she would be able to see what it is she thinks about, despite the craft's movement AWAY from the ship's presence.

On the bridge of the Vangel, "Send a message to the Valuans. Tell them this is Reagent Rathbone of the Nocturnian Eastern Province. I wish to speak to them regarding an alliance. Since they will no doubt ask what the nature of my offer is, tell them simply...

"To watch."


Aboard the Elsa, more gears are turning between Ceresia and Hammer, as well as Captain Matthews, while the others make arrangements with the new arrivals that had been hurried aboard during the previous conflict.

"...and General Masato is the leader of the Hikaru City Air Force, she would sit in none other than Hikaru City's flagship, which is currently and obviously the Lance of Light..." Ceresia continues, then slowly looks over her shoulder towards the others, including Tony and Captain Matthews, "That just became a three-side engagement."

Slowly, the scores of weapons along the Vangel's hull begin to charge and activate, causing the signal on the sensors to pulsate and glow, growing.

Ceresia and Hammer simply watch as whatever it is the unknown mark on the screen is unleashes a torrent of smaller objects towards the Lance of Light, which disappears almost immediately from all sensors with a hint of a dimensional rift left behind.

Ceresia looks back at the screen as the radar starts to act strange, "Mister Hammer..." she trails off as if expecting an explanation.

Unable to foster more of a reply, Hammer simply observes,"... I think the Lance just got... served."

Unable to observe any further, unknown craft's signal disappears as it seems to move inside the Grand Fortress, presumably having been allowed entrance.
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