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5.8 - Retaliation Part II
Location: Mako Platform #18


A guard makes his way along a dark metal corridor illuminated by yellow lamps. Rows of pipes line the corridor on either side, fenced off by chain link fence. An 'authorized personnel only' sign is hung on the wall. The guard slowly walks around, looking around casually
Suddenly, a woman drops down behind him from an air vent and sends a high kick at the mans neck. The man doesn't even have time to turn around before the blue uniformed Shin-ra guard hits the ground with a metal *thunk*. The brown haired woman speaks into the collar of her blue and silver skin tight sneaking suit

" Agent Dark to Headquarters. I've infiltrated the 18th platform. Making my way inside now." said as Joanna starts crossing over the body, he slowly starts reaching for his gun.
On the other end Dr Daniel Carrington responds "Excellent work Jo. You need to find the main pumping station and set the charges there. The reactors are outside of city limits, so there won't be any casualties. Dr Grimshaw is uploading the schematics to your computer now."

As the guard grabs onto his rifle, Joanna casually spins around and gives him a black boot to the head, causing him to hit the ground a second time, dropping his rifle. Joanna gives a slight smirk "Affirmative. Agent Dark out."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, inside of the Dusk Island military compounds mainframe data center. Carmen makes her way out of a vent carefully above a hall lined with large data towers. Moving the vent cover off to the side, she swings herself down, suspending above a grid of pressure sensitive floor tiles. Pulling a pair of suction cups out of her dress, she sets one into the ceiling in front of her, then sets the other. One move at a time, she gradually snakes across the ceiling of the room, making her way towards a glass chamber labeled 'Main Terminal'
When she reaches the end of the room, just by the door to the glass chamber, she loops a transparent cable through the suction cups, securing it and pulling on it to ensure its secure, before repelling herself down just off of the ground level taking the cable in one hand, she reaches down beside the glass door and attaches a small device to the keypad reader. The keypad reader bleeps, before the door hisses open. Carmen kicks herself off of the door frame before swinging out, then back in through the door, landing on the desk the computer terminal is on
Now in place, Carmen attaches a small device to the computer terminal " Alright. The uplink is in place. Doctor, do your thing."

" Alright. I'm accessing the password subsystem now. Breaking encryption codes. Your in Miss Sandiego."

Carmen watches as the screen changes. She quickly begins tapping away at the keyboard, pulling up pages of information, reading it casually, even eating an apple at one point. Finally she stops at a particular list of shipping locations.

" ... Sandiego to 007, do you copy?"

" Bond here."

"I've found the virus shipment. It looks like Harrison had it personally delivered to a missile silo north east of the city. They must be planning to use it in a warhead."
James Bond continuing her thought "since the Syphon Filter virus is durable enough to be spread by the blast. Alright. We won't be forgetting this. Get out of there before your discovered and head for the rendezvous point"

"Not yet. I have one more thing to do here." Carmen powers down the terminal and quickly makes her way back to the air vent, switching off her communicator.

The scene cuts briefly to 007 speeding down a road outside of Hikaru City in a silver sports car. The cars engine revs up as he shifts gears and puts the radio down with an eye roll.

Back in Dusk Island, Carmen slinks through the vent system before dropping out into an office, where a man with brown hair in a blue lieutenants uniform seems to be expecting her.

"You weren't kidding when you said you wanted to speak with me."

"Your Lieutenant Allens? I was asked to bring a message to you from your sister." replied Carmen

"... How is Missy doing? And I'm aware of the message, its the only reason I didn't have you arrested. What did she want to tell me?"

She's.. doing well, from what I understood "Carmen glances behind herself a moment" This is going to be hard.. I know... trust me. But she wanted to tell you your father. He didn't disappear. He was killed. The city killed him."

Carmen pauses a brief moment "She's doing alright."

" .... I see..." Jachim stands a moment "I'm.. very sorry to hear that." He just stares with a grim look "You see... I'm actually well aware of that. I was hoping she wasn't, it was why then-General Harrison let her live."

The door behind Carmen suddenly opens as two Specter units aim rifles into the office

"And its not Lieutenant, anymore actually. Its General Allens of the Internal Security division. I've been promoted you see, General Harrison wanted a capable and loyal replacement."

Carmen blinks and just slowly raises her hands as she realizes she's not getting out of this quite yet

"Speaking of the Generallisimo, he's been dying to meet you. Why don't we go pay him a visit. And don't worry about dear sister. I'll take care of her personally." said Jachim.

The two specters lead Carmen into the waiting grasp of another four who move to lead her into Hikaru Cities war room. Inside, Generallisimo Harrison is standing at the control terminals while around him, his operators set to work on their tasks

"Well done General, I'll see to it that your reward is paid in full. You've done your country a great service. You should be proud. Are we ready to initiate Operation Iron Curtain? "

" DTF forces are reporting in position. Silo operators are ready. All news stations are set to broadcast." an Operator responds.

" All fleets are in position."

" And my modifications?"

"Completed to spec, sir."

"... Execute."


Scene change
Location: A house on Twilight Island. A salesman makes his way up a long driveway to a door of a very large house. He knocks at the door of the house, and as he does, the blonde haired Governor Elizabeth McDonnell opens the door.

A Salesmen stands there " Hello Ma'am, I'm going door to door selling knives, would you like to see my stock?"

" Not today thank you, I'm afraid I--"

"I'm afraid I really must insist." The man takes out a knife from his suitcase and jabs her in the stomach. She staggers backwards as the man quickly makes his way inside the house and shuts the door.

On the TV behind her, the TV switches to show a news report coming in from a reporter almost in tears. The reporter pulls out his piece of paper and starts reading with a deep breath

".. l...ladies and gentlemen. This.. this just in. A joint terrorist attack from the Dimensional Warriors and Nocturne, targeting our nations leaders has left most of the government dead in a series of brutal, merciless attacks. Women.. children.. this is... this is awful. The military is taking immediate control of the situation in an effort to prevent any further loss of life, but with the surprise nature of the attack... the g... the governor is dead. .. I.. I repeat. The... .. cut to commercial.. CUT TO ---"

In the streets, blue police robots start moving out in APC trucks. Hundreds of police robots with the Robotic Megafact corporation logo on them take positions of defense in the streets, moving to a full lockdown of the city. Attack helicopters circle the skies as soldiers scramble to set up anti aircraft positions around the city.
Over the cities loudspeakers, what used to be public service announcements has been switched to Harrisons tyrannous cries.

In the streets, blue police robots start moving out in APC trucks. Hundreds of police robots with the Robotic Megafact corporation logo on them take positions of defense in the streets, moving to a full lockdown of the city. Attack helicopters circle the skies as soldiers scramble to set up anti aircraft positions around the city
Over the cities loudspeakers, what used to be public service announcements has been switched to Harrisons tyrannous cries

"These attacks WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This was an attack on our sovereignty. The Dimensional Warriors and Nocturne have stabbed our heart, but we shall strike back with our full military force. I am authorizing the use of our tactical arsenal to show them that we will NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. Eden and Nocturne City will both be made to feel the heat of our battle cries. Stay strong Hikaru, stay strong."

End Interlude Part II (The Coup)
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