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6.32: The Patron of Viothesia
The mission started like most do; a meeting. Jerico had called most of the group to his home in preparation for a trip to an opera house in Viothesia, Aquas. It turns out that Jerico had gotten an invite, which included several others for any he wished to bring.

Departing the ship via stargate, the group was greeted in Arcadia with their own private jet, which they eventually left for a limo ride, complete with wine. Eventually moving into the opera house proper, the party walked up to the receptionist, who directed them to a booth in the upper reaches of the auditorium. Reaching the booth, they were greeted by another employee. This time their arrival was questioned, but with the tickets in hand, and a little work from the employee, they were eventually let in, being given a special silver case with ear-pieces within.

Moving into the booth and slipping in their ear-pieces, the party was greeted with a Black Arms meeting. Choosing to stay quiet, keeping the mute function on their ear-pieces turned on, the group listened into the meeting between the heads of the organization, Hans included. They learned of the location of the organization's bases, some of their armaments, the involement of RM Corp and their forthcoming attempt to disappear off of DW's radar, and that Lee Jordan was actually still alive.

The meeting drew to a close.. however, Hans requested the opinions of those in box 23.. Thinking they were found, most of DW chose to remain silent, however the Director of Intelligence noted that there wasn't supposed to be anyone in the booth. As Akera moved to look around, so did Hans, looking towards their booth. He easily spotted Akera, muttering the words "Good god" before Jerico managed to spot a sniper on the cat-walks high above. The sniper was in cloaked garb, toting a solid state rifle.. as he hefted it up and brought the scope to his eye, it became obvious he was aiming at.. Hans.

As the cloaked figure is about to pull the trigger, he is suddenly attacked from behind by a guard. The bullet strikes the railing. Jerico quickly moves out of the booth, Axel on his six as they both move towards Hans' booth. As they both arrive, they see Hans leaping from the booth over the railing, catching a guide-wire for the chandelier. It rips from the wall as he swings down towards the ground, de-stabilizing the structual integrety of the center piece. Hans meanwhile lands on center-stage, the cloaked figure however drop-kicks the guard before the chandelier begins to plummet into the crowd below, actually taking the catwalk with it to a degree.

Jerico jumps down the three stories to the floor with a dull thud, Axel trying to follow as best he can as the rest of the party begins to chase after Hans. Sebastian however went to help the cloaked figure, who was now hanging by his gloved hands on the edge of the catwalk. Kuja pulled into the lead admist burning props and walls as the Opera house began to catch aflame. The party moved back stage and into the maintenance areas of the opera house, chasing after Hans, though eventually coming to a blockade of sorts. Director Sun, of Assasination, and two Elite soldiers.

The soldiers were sent by Sun to go assist Hans in escape, before he proceeded to do battle with the group. Surprisingly, he was honorable in doing so, only choosing to attack those who could defend themselves. Due to this honor, however, the group started questioning his morals, and eventually the battle became a discussion of honor. After enough talk, the group finally manages to convince Sun to join them, risks aside.

This is interrupted, however, when Sebastian comes on DW's communications channel, alerting the party that some sort of 'mechanical beast' had just burst out of the street. Moving to the outside of the opera house, the group soon learns what the beast was; a Metal Gear Ray, modified slightly by Black Arms their own ends. As it turns out, the mech was in the area, but Hans didn't with to 'waste an opertunity'. .. However, as the party soon found out, the mech was under remote control.

The group dashed into the opera house again as the mech layed waste to an entire street admist a shower of bullets. Jerico however stayed behind, -leaping- up onto the mech before attempting to rip open its cockpit.. and failing. He was soon thrown off, sent crashing through the main doors of the building. As the party dashed through the isles towards the stage, the mech tore the building asunder, pushing in and tearing down the upper seats before firing a barrage of missiles towards the group. A few were knocked unconscious, though they were picked up by their peers while Sebastian was saved by the cloaked figure. As they reached the stage, the mech let loose another hail of deadly fire from its metal storm turrets, though most of the party managed to out-run the blast while those who couldn't took cover. Once the carnage was over, Kuja let loose a bolt of lightning before the party moved into the maintenance area again, thankfully somewhere the mech couldn't access.

There they forumulated a plan, with Sun's assistance. He ordered his forces to head to the park to make a last stand against the behemoth before the party began to race through the tunnels towards the park. Eventually stepping out into fresh air, they were greeted with a small military force under control of General Graham. The military in the area had been setting up a series of defenses, setting up barricades at key points, and in the very back line, a massive rail gun; an experimental peice of artillery that could punch through an aircraft carrier.

The plan at this point became simple; delay the mech as long as possible in order to stall for the assemply, and eventual firing of the rail gun.

The mech rounded a corner, bearing down on the assembled force. Members of DW took up positions on the front line, picking up missile launchers and mounting emplaced flak cannons behind sandbags. They began firing. Shooting missiles into it's head and legs, attempting to slow it down while Daedalus and Nowe took to the skies, circling around it for fire breath attacks. Vrentric himself actually bolts out of an alleyway, picking up a car and -slamming- it into the mech's leg. The mech.. actually turns to stare down at Vrentric in what could be seen as 'annoyance', before moving to open it's 'mouth', revealing a huge turbine dripping with water. It suddenly revs up to a high rpm, before trying to blast Vren with a highly pressurized stream of water. He -narrowly- manages to avoid it, the water cutting a massive trough through several decks of the city. The demon doesn't waste any time in seeking cover while the rest of the party resumes the onslaught.

Axel, Sun, and the cloaked figure continue the barrage, Axel pounding away with his flak cannon, and Sun with his. The figure however stands with a single javelin launcher, sending a missile to take out two more of it's flak cannons, assumingly taking out it's air defenses. The mech sends another hail of suppressive fire at the fortification, devestating the front lines. This however draws a surpising yell from the cloaked figure, yelling out in a voice reminiscent of Lee Jordan's.

Nowe sends out another beam of energy as Jack fires his two missiles at the mech, both managing to damage it significantly. Kaijo meanwhile makes his way towards Jerico. The mech turns towards Daedalus, revving up its turbines as it unleashes its hyrdo cannon again, slicing off a wing and sending the dragon plummeting. Kaijo meanwhile hefts up Jerico over his shoulder, moving to carry him towards the back lines.

Vrentric meanwhile moves below the city, preparing for the mech healing itself again through the water ways underneath the city streets. Sure enough, the mech jams it's left foot into the street, sucking up water through the turbines and healing itself.. however, as it does this, Vrentric jams his sword into the mechanism, successfully disabling it.. but not before Kuja sends another lightning into it. Unfortunately, Vrentric is the ground, and ends up taking damage from the blast as well, knocking him out.

Topside, the remaining soldiers at the first line retreat, leaving Axel to fire another salvo into the mech before.. the mech crouches down, suddenly leaping forwards to grind along its hull into the first line. Axel hops out of the turret and books it as the first line is annihilated, the mech moving to stand again.

The mech sends another barrage of missiles at the collected force, gravely injuring Axel while the cloaked figure dives out of the way of his own missile, rolling down the incline as his hood comes loose. It is in fact Lee Jordan, though he quickly moves to hide his face again before anyone else can notice.

The battle against the Metal Gear rages onward, the mech sending another hail of suppressive fire towards the fortifications as Kaijo fires off another missile towards its right leg, the mech actually hunkering down in an attempt to protect it, halting its advancement for a short time while Dynamis searches for Vrentric.

Aziel summons up magic, contorting the field the mech is standing on and severely damaging it's right leg, assumably disabling its ability to heal itself. Strato however notches an arrow on his bow, sending one, then another arrow into the mech's knees before Kuja unleashes another massive lightning strike, severely damaging the mech's systems.

Kaijo continues to lug Jerico on his back, eventually depositing the cyborg in front of barricade three's hill. Aziel preforms spot repairs, bringing Jerico back up to a slim margin of health. Aziel returns his attention back to the task at hand, attempting to freeze the water the mech was now inhaling through its hydro cannon turbine. As it stands, spinning up its turbine for another attack.. it malfunctions. As it turns out, a piece of sucked-up ice jammed up the turbine. Smoke and fire begin to curl out from it's mouth before Strato fires another arrow, this time into one of it's cockpit cameras. Jerico picks up a nearby missile launcher, firing out a missile without a second thought, shoving it right into the mech's hydro cannon turbine, almost completely destroying the cockpit.

The entire back of the ray opens up as it begins firing it's entire payload of missiles into the air, splitting off into several more two times.. leaving several thousand missiles raining down from the skies as the mech targets -everything and everyone-.

The city is set abaze, a few missiles actually still in the air by the time most of the onslaught is done. The park is completely destroyed, what remained of the military force.. gone. DW was all that remained, as battered as they were.

They set about loading up the cannon, Ceresia pulling herself into the gunner's seat with Castle at her side; Ivan and Jack moving to load up a single round. They closed the hatch, Ceresia turning the cannon to face the mech as its targeting system locked on.

She fired.

A concussive wave of forced passed all who were standing on the park, throwing them to the ground. Even causing those who were not standing to ragdoll slightly. Trees were splintered in twain and utterly obliterated as the slug traveled down the path towards the mech before utterly obliterating it as well. The slug continued on through the city, eventually reaching the ocean.

Two legs, two arms, and a slew of wreckage were all that was left of the Metal Gear Ray, as well as phason contamination from the weaponized phazon missiles it was preparing to deploy.

The sound of air vehicles filled the air slowly as the chaos subsided. Members were recovered, healed, and the dead were cared for. Vrentric was eventually found, and luckily was still alive.

As DW were cared for in Aquas' hospitals, they heard about the events over the news:

"Viothesia under siege by Black Arms. International hero organization Dimensional Warriors hold off against impossible odds. An opera showing erupted in chaos as Black Arms terrorists attacked an opera house. The Dimensional Warriors, out for a night on the town, defended the opera house, then proceeded to aid the Aquas Armed Forces stationed there in destroying a massive war machine wrought upon the city. Casualties are still coming in and the Riverside Park is closed due to biohazard conditions. Prime Minster John Devangel is expected to award each member who defended the city the Medal of Valor, the highest honor the military can bestow upon a foreign national."

Small interlude:

Somewhere in the world however.. Hans looks gravely at his assembled operatives in a highly fortified bunker in the middle of the Kakkara Desert. "Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a problem." He looks to his generals, to his legions via camera, to the 3A drones. "The Dimensional Warriors are now aware of the formation of our network. Make no mistake they WILL be coming." Hans slams his fist down onto the metal table. "I want guard shifts tripled AROUND THE WORLD. Suspend all non essential operations. From this point on there is no taking prisoners, no mercy. If an officer so much as reconsiders my direct and unerring order put a BULLET IN THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE YOOOOOOOOOOOOU WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITING FOOOOOOR? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Event 6.32 complete
*Double this if below 1500 XP*
A Night At The Opera: 25 XP
A Walk In the Park: 75 XP
MVP: Jericho - 30 XP
GM Guinea Pig Award: Daedalus - 30 XP
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