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6.31 Interlude: Wint and Kidd
Meanwhile.. over on Gaia. In the a garage on the outskirts of Hikaru City, Billy's Auto Shop.. a pair of gentlemen walk into the service bay. A very expensive looking ferrari is presently on the hoist, with the service technician under it on a sliding cart. One of the gentlemen is a balding man with orange hair and a moustage, wearing a light brown coat. The coat is buttoned
up fully, and soaking from the rainy day outside. The other man is simply wearing a beige suit, black haired and more youthful. Both look around the garage before noting the man underneath the car. The black haired man speaks. "Excuse me. Our car broke down and we were wondering if you possibly had time to look at it. My.. that is a very nice car you have."
"Isn't mine. I'm afraid I am a bit busy gentlemen, but if you wouldn't mind waiting, I could book you in for around an hour or so. This is a very important customer of mine."
"But of course. Is this a 1960's vintage Shinra model?" The orange haired man walks over with a bit of admiration towards the red car, a bit wide eyed as he folds his hands behind his back. "I'm a bit of a car person myself."
"I'm.. afraid I can't discuss it gentlemen. It is a bit of a nice car, can't blame you for admiring it." As he speaks to the orange haired man.. he fails to notice the other man making his way around to the side of the hoist. With a slight hand gesture, his foot kicks a small hydraulic cable marked "Safety".. before putting his hand on the lever. The car begins descending
downwards as the mechanic goes wide eyed.. trying to get out from under the car. There is a sickening crunch as the low bodied cars shocks rest flat on the ground. The orange haired man tilts his head slightly "It would seem your jacket got caught on something, Mr. Wint." "Pity, Mr. Kidd."
Around 45 minutes later, a man in a black suit makes his way into the garage, complete with bowler hat and white pinstripes. He has a briefcase. "`Ey. Billy.. you here?". One of the mechanics in the garage looks towards him.. an orange haired mechanic, slightly balding, looking up from polishing the car. "I'm afraid Billy had to run." The other mechanic, busy cleaning the
mirror, a black haired youthful man looks towards the man "Yes. He had a... pressing engagement. Is there something we could help you with?"
"The Godfather needs his family car. He's taking them to Nocturne. Billy told us he'd have it ready by now." "Oh. But it is." Mr. Wint speaks up again. "With Billy's complements." He gestures to the car and the keys "Please, give the Godfather the respects of us and our fine establishment."
The man looks at both of them a bit oddly before making his way towards the drivers seat of the car. He takes the keys "Thank you both gentlemen" before he gets in the car and pulls out of the garage. As the car drives down the road, the orange haired one can't help but smile "One thing I never did like about those cars, Mr. Wint." "What's that, Mr. Kidd?" "Very poor safety
ratings." The two walk out of the garage, holding moving to hold hands before they get a U.m.N. message. One puls out his pad and looks at it ".. This could be interesting."
"What's that?" "It seems we have an assignment." The other looks at the pad ".. A very interesting assignment. I like a challenge Mr. Wint." "As do I, Mr. Kidd. As do I."
24 hours later.. a paper is published, the presses having been stopped due to breaking news. "Mob war in Hikaru. Godfather of crime syndicate and family brutally murdered in car bomb."
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