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Circumstance and Senatorial Silence
The Camera rises from behind someone's suit-clad back, viewing a large room filled with older men and women in suits listening to a tall, beautiful young woman making an impassioned speech to the crowd...rippling silken flags ringed with silver hanging from the roof of the chamber. "My people, no -longer- can we face such a foe with diplomacy and heresay....A military response is our -only- response at this point...our -capitol- was attacked...though Lord Atwin has offered reparations for our losses and damage, claiming it was a mistake in orders, we should -not- accept this. Emerald City has -fallen-. The country slain and enslaved, I cannot stress how much this affects our position on the eastern continent, we simply cannot allow this to go un- An older man, a golden pocketwatch chain hanging from his fat abdomen, claps softly, mockingly... "My my. What a -stirring- speech, Princess." he steps down from his seat. "You're quite passionate, and obviously have serious feelings on this subject...however..." he turns. "I have been in contact with Lord Atwin through this -horrible- accident...It simply isn't -fruitful- to try and attack a country for a simple accident..it's the act of a petulant -child.-" She frowns and adjusts the microphone, leaning forward. "I dont like your tone, Senator Wilkes...." she frowns, biting her lip. "The senate does not answer to yo-" He whirls on her. "Well maybe it -should-. Senators, I call for a vote of No-Confidence against Princess Amelia...to remove her from control of the country, as she is obviously too emotional and -weak- to lead during these trying times. Her father on his deathbed, and we listen to her while she attempts to drive the country to the brink of -war-." She gasps "You.." he smiles as the senate nods assent. "We will have the vote immediately. All in favor of removing the Princess from power....say Aye." his fat smile widens as the crowd echoes a chorus of "Ayes." while she steps quietly back from the podium..."And all in disapproval...say nay." he smiles even wider as there is a solid, echoing silence....broken only by a soft cough. "The will of the senate is clear. Princess Amelia you are hereby -removed- from the throne...and these chambers. Security...take her to her chambers. Now." Two guards step up beside her...as she shouts to the senate "Traitor! You follow a madman, he will lead us to ruin!" she cries as they take her arms and half -drag- her from the chamber in tears. The man turns to the senate and smiles. "I think..after such a situation....we should recess for the day." he walks into his chambers, just off the senate chamber, smiling as he pours himself a crystal glass full of amber liquid, closing his eyes. "You were right..the senate was unanimous." he looks over his shoulder..to the gray uniformed soldier. "Yes, Senate Leader Wilkes." he smiles. "As is the will of Lord Atwin..and the Ruby Army. As promised...you will recieve your reward.." two silenced gunshots are heard, a thud, and the shatter of a crystal goblet ring out.... The camera pans to the floor, showing a bloodied fat corpse lying nearby...as a custom looking gunblade is dropped on the floor of the chamber, and polished black boots quietly walk from the room and close the door.
[Submitted by Doxyc]
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