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ARG-H. Your Kung-Fu is not strong.
Be so careless, truthinpants.
Charlie had a loose tongue too, and you know what they did to him.
3 words for your methods. they are absolutely right.
A little enigma and mystery goes a long way.
9 months and my wife will be having a baby
Don't jeopardize that.
For all the times we've spoken, i've seen you as intelligent.
Don't ruin that.
Could you have been any more obvious with your 'random line'
Can't have amateurs breaking our code, like they did.
6 more incidents and you'll be drummed out of the cryptonauts.
2 bad for you.
For we have: great skill
6 paychecks a month
Formidable enemies
9 days between meetings with our contact is not good enough
Everybody knows what this message means
Could be the biggest thing since the beatles
2 waste it would be folly.
Excitement is in the air!
2 more hours and I go home for the day
Eel sub is on the supper plate.
6 more subs and I get a free one.
3 more for a six inch.
2 dollars for a drink though???? it used to be one penny and
2 spankings.
4 years now i've waited for something this good
For now though, lets see if our
Benevolent observers crack our first code. for if there are
7 spies, there will be
8 lies

Posted by Hal_Emmerich on Sunday 21 August 2011 - 05:25:00 | Comments (0) | printer friendly

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