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5.8 - Retaliation (Hikaru City)
Location: Dusk Island Military Compound, Hikaru City

Despite it being near sunrise in Hikaru City, dark gray clouds hang on the horizen, a byproduct of the cities switch to mako power. The once gleaming city of light appears shrouded in darkness as a slight fog rolls in off the coast. Out in the bay however, the Dusk Island Military Compound, Hikaru Cities military HQ, can be seen sweeping gigantic searchlights through the fog

Large metal girders support newly constructed watch towers and batteries of defenses and bunkers line the shore of the artificial island. Officers make their way along the concrete surface, flagging aircraft onto the runway as soldiers load equipment onto trucks


Deep underground, in the heart of the island, underneath the air strips and naval harbor lay the militarys command center. Security officers patrol pristine corridors lined with heavy security doors, ready to shoot to kill if need be. The scene pans through the hallways, past vast networks of mainframe computers and storage lockers

Inside one of the secure board rooms however, a number of people have assembled for a meeting. Around the steel table sit the brown haired General Hummel, the slender Asian female red beret General Masato, the red trenchcoat-wearing General Edge, and Lee Jordan, wearing his typical black trench coat, only his face and gloved hands showing. The table in the room is steel with the Hikaru City crest in the center, and the walls around the room show monitors, various projections of the world and the city

A door in the side of the chamber opens as the black uniformed Generallisimo Harrison, a strong looking man with short crew cut black hair, the picture of physical fitness. His uniform is decorated with hundreds of medals, and as he enters, the others (Except Lee) salute to him

Generalissimo Harrison turns his attention to the crowd and sits down, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we've been preparing for. I've recieved word from my personal forces that Operation Iron Curtain is ready to go. The modifications I requested are complete, and we are already moving into initial phases. At sunset, we launch the operation.”

Harrison kneads his hands together a moment before looking at General Hummel, “If any of you have any objections, this is your last chance to walk away.”

General Hummel seems to pause on this a moment before he closes his eyes, “Are you sure this is the only way? A lot of innocent people are going to die tonight if this goes ahead.”

“They stopped being innocent when they sided with terrorists,” retorted Generalissimo Harrison, “Mister Jordan, were you able to acquire the special items I asked for?”
“Thanks to your crew’s decision to bomb one of our shipping ports, we only have a third of what you wanted. I've spoken to my people and they say its still enough for what you want to do,” Jordan replies, edging his eyes over towards General Edge with a slight scowl.

“If you hadn't’ve been a dumbass, we wouldn't have had to bomb your base into the stone age, its that simple,” said General Edge in his defense, clenching a hand.

“Oh, right. Like you weren't itching to have the ATF bomb -something- anyway,” entered General Masato, in an accusing tone.

“This from the bitch who decided to take the Lance up against a cetran warship before it was even FINISHED,” barked back General Edge, glaring towards General Masato.

“Both of you shut up or I'll have you all executed. I will not tolerate incompetence. I selected you all for reasons. You are the best of the best, you have men you can trust, and more importantly, I trust all of you to be loyal when the time comes,” interrupted Generalissimo Harrison, slamming his fist on the table.

They both hush up and respond with "Sorry, sir."

“Alright then,” the Generalissimo nodded, then turned to look at each as he addressed them, “General Hummel, I want the DTF on full alert incase the Dimensional Warriors try anything. General Masato, I'm tasking you with making sure the special payloads are loaded before tonights show. Edge, move the ATF fleet to the specified coordinates. Until tonight is over, I'm transferring the Lance to your command. Use it if you need to. And --”

Harrison suddenly frowns as his pager goes off. He pulls it off his belt and suddenly raises his eyebrow in surprise.

“... If.. If you'll excuse me. I have something I need to address,” Harrison says as he stands up, “Dismissed.”

He quickly runs out of the room.

Scene change
Location: A private jet high above the North Gaian Ocean, several hundred miles off the coast. The jet soars through the air at moderate speed, passing over the cresting waters below. The plane is a typical white plane, but is marked with a large golden X logo on both its tail and its door. The side of the plane reads 'Xanatos Enterprises'

Inside the plane, in one of the lounges, four figures of popular fame are gathered around a table watching a monitor. One, a man in an impeccable suit with black hair, the legendary 007. Another, a thin british woman in a sneaking suit with brown hair, Agent Joanna Dark.

A third man is an American, white skinned, also with brown hair, but wearing a blue jumpsuit uniform, and carrying a magnum, Agent Johnathon.. and the fourth, a woman in a red trenchcoat with an orange turtleneck sweater underneath, wearing a red fedora which does little to hide her long brown hair

“No offense.. but why exactly do we need -her- here,” commented Agent Joanna Dark, folding her arms over her chest.

“Like it or not, she's an invaluable asset, and she knows the city better than anybody else here,” replied Doctor Daniel Carrington, sitting at the front of the assemblage of the four.

“Now, this mission is of vital importance. We need everything we can get. Originally, we were planning a covert insertion into Hikaru City to disable the Mako Reactors there, but Mister Xanatos informed us of some information thats forcing our hand,” continued Doctor Carrington.

“We had known that a synthesized virus from Earth, the Syphon Filter, had made its way onto Gaia. What we don't know is how. But more importantly, we've traced the amount stolen to Hikaru City. Mister Xanatos has informed us they may be planning to use them in a biological attack on another country.”

“The objectives are simple but critical. Joanna, Johnathon, you’re going to infiltrate the Mako Reactors. Take out as many as you can.”

“Miss Sandiego, you’re going to infiltrate Dusk Island. We need to find out where the Syphon Filter went and any other information that might be important.

“Double-O-Seven, thats where you come in. Once we know the location of the Syphon Filter, you’re going to need to neutralize it. MI-6 has made contact with Mister Xanatos and 'R' has placed tools for you at your drop point.”


All four nodded in understanding.

“Once finished, rendezvous on the south coast for evacuation at 7 AM the next morning. Nobody gets left behind, any questions?” Doctor Carrington hardly paused for a moment, “No. Good then. Away you go, and good luck.”

Bond adjusts his tie a moment, then looks to Carmen and Joanna with a serious expression, “I don't generally like 'joint operations', but maybe we can change that.” His expression changed to a smirk.

“Keep it in your pants,” replied Agent Dark, rolling her eyes in dismissal.

The scene cuts out to the camera showing the plane approaching the fog covered coastline of Hikaru, the morning sun barely creeping through the mists.

End interlude
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