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5.8 - Retaliation
Location: Zio's Tower, Motavia

After months of baiting and torturing the group from behind the safety of his psycho barrier, the group finally confronted Zio for the fate of Motavia -- and the universe. Zio, with his superior magic, was still a force to be reckoned with, even without his psycho barrier, capable of summoning snap frosts, artillery like fireballs and knife like winds to his aid. Even while tormented by squirrels and weakened by the presence of the Psycho Wand, the master sorcerer proved a significant challenge for the Dimensional Warriors. With perseverance however, they battled on, whittling him down blow by blow.

Finally, as Zio backed out onto the balcony of his tower, Nowe lunged forward and drew a fatal blow through his chest. Zio made a final gesture of defiance by calling upon the dark force that aided him, but his plea's went unanswered. The sorcerer crumpled to the ground, dead, with Motavia finally free of his tyranny.

The group was allowed to revel in their victory for only a few moments however, as both Glyde and Lloyd made their way into the chamber. No sooner did Lloyd enter did he collapse to the ground, a bolt of lightning striking Zio's body simultaneously. A wall of wind formed around his dead body as slowly, he began writhing and standing, his body morphing into an entirely different humanoid shape. With skin stone gray and a green emblem on his head, it took only a few moments for the group to realize they were in the presence of something else entirely.

Melbu Frahma.

After silencing the fae, Melbu actually applauded the group in making his intent that much easier, and while having a superior attitude about himself, did take time to appreciate the finer details of Zio's plot. However, when asked about his intentions and why he betrayed to Mab, he chose to forgo the typical villainous monologue and responded with an admittedly trite remark, 'She didn't satisfy'. With his presence known, he quietly strolled uncontested into a portal and disappeared.

As an epilogue to the days events, the group decided that Zio's Tower needed to be destroyed. Maeve heavily protested, insisting that she be allowed to peruse Zio's Library for spells while the others sought out the magitoise. Aerith, Riku, KOS-MOS, Dante and Aziel made it clear that the books were far too dangerous to be used, destroying them, and even going so far as to shoot and burn books she attempted to remove. This in turn prompted a temper tantrum during which fireballs were called from the sky to demolish the castle with the group still inside. Fortunately however, they were able to vacate the premises, including one very content and satiated magitoise. Aerith, deciding to do things properly, urged everyone onto the two dragons and moved the group back to a safe distance. Once clear, she invoked the power of bahamut, the massive king of dragons, to remove the blemish from Motavia's surface entirely. In a stream and shockwave of raw power and energy, the tower vaporized from the surface of the world, creating a shockwave visible from miles away.

Satisfied at the crater they made, the group headed back to Eden victorious, entirely unaware of the situation brewing hundreds of miles away in Hikaru City. With a far greater task on the horizon, the group pressed ever onwards...

Mission XP Total: 20 XP earned
Daedalus: 10 XP (missed Zio fight)
Aziel: 10 XP (Took part in Zio fight, missed Juza)
Chauncey: 10 XP (Took part in Zio fight, missed Juza)
Jacen: 0 XP (Got himself banned)

Goodies Found:

No goodies found.

Bonus XP:

Out-thinking the GM - 15 xp: Aerith
Boss MVP - 5 xp: Speirlos, KOS-MOS, Aziel
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