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Side Event: Cleaning House
Location: Eden

The group had finally had enough of the space pirate infestation in the mountains surrounding the city. In the early hours of the morning, two teams departed from the control room. The first, an armored division of gustaffs heading towards the cave network that formed the Space Pirate outpost. The others moving through Edens inner workings to find a breach in the hull, through which the pirates likely made entrance.

Upon finding the breach, the group made their way inside a small cave turned pirate base. Almost immediately, the group was met with fierce resistance by pirate troopers, Junior taking severe injury in the process and a number becoming infected with phazon radiation poisoning. The group pressed their way through the complex, battling pirate forces before arriving in what seemed to be a biological containment room. Without giving them time to reflect on the nature of the room, what was assumed to be the pirate leader, Mother Brain, released the containment, allowing metroids to spill into the room. Rather than fight the metroids, the group fled into the next room, securing the bulkhead behind them.

As the group battled their way through the bases small command center, another problem quickly descended. Now alerted to the threat, a new, modified version of Ridley was deployed from orbit and allowed to descend to Crescent Island to recover the operation. This Proto Ridley was a formidable foe, having more firepower than any previous incarnation of the dragon. The group was looking fairly weary until a late game recovery thanks to Aerith using runic magic lead to triumph.

With the pirates ousted from Eden, the group was finally in control of the island, allowing the group to enjoy some well earned downtime.

Mission XP Total:

10 XP earned



Goodies Found:

Space Pirate Equipment (Unknown)
Space Pirate Eden Expansion (Unexplored

Bonus XP:

MOMO: 5 xp (MVP award - Space Pirate Section)
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