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Seeking Precious Items
Location: Eden

Anxious to find something special, namely new Materia, Adain conscripts the assistance of Kaijo to use his links inside of the World Regenesis Organization to find places to adventure in Gaia -- somewhere where she could get out and find excitement. Kaijo returns a couple of weeks later with results: a World Regenesis Organization speculation report from the country of Re'Fyrol to the south that describes an unusual rise in 'paranormal activity' after the Yestermite Incident several months ago. They accredit the rise to several energy resonances coming from the subterranean caves located around a border mountain range in the southwest of the country. Offering the Dimensional Warriors the chance to investigate and make decisions regarding whatever they found, the W.R.O. simply turned the issue over to the D.W. members, saying that more information would be provided as it was found regarding similar issues.

After choosing a small party and telling them to invite friends, Adain gathers her group for the little "briefing" that Kaijo had prepared, explaining the situation to the others arranged there. With equipment and knowledge in hand, the small group continues to the rampart walls where the Seraphim Crusader awaits, with its complement of special Puddle Jumper craft. "Electing" MOMO as the pilot and navigator, the group departs Eden and moves to the south.

Location: Southwest Re'fyrol, the Land of Fiery Darkness

After successfully finding the mountainous area and running several scans between both MOMO and Aldo, as well as the Puddle Jumper's built-in systems, the group elects to avoid the mountainside in lieu of a small plateau in the jungle a couple of miles away from the mountainside. After landing, the group departs the craft and discovers that they had landed on already-crushed ruins, and tracks left behind by another Puddle Jumper, though no footprints were left. After descending the plateau, the small party takes some time to get a feel for their environment, as the more experienced members shared tips with the others, as well as Aldo's knowledge of the geography and historical significance of the area, describing it as an ancient mining area, where many precious and mysterious things were located so long ago.

Continuing on through the dense jungle from their landing site, the group came upon a small river. Discovering that the river's source was inside the target mountain, the Dimensional Warriors elect to follow the river rather than attempting to cut their own swath through the forest. After surpassing a couple of obstacles along the way with superior teamwork, the small party finally arrives at the mountainside, where the river's source is located.

While surveying the loosely packed mountainside, a small collapse of stone triggers several members to alertness, all scanning the mountainside for the source of the fall. While a couple were able to see a large shadow moving away, only MOMO could detect the creature that was undetectable inside of the mountain. Continuing on, they came to a deep, if not wide, river.

The river, too swift to swim, was given many considerations between the party, while one member opted to instead leap across the river on his own, disturbing the environment with his massive wings. This triggers a creature in the forest surrounding the river to life, which sweeps forward and instantly captures Jack in its cage of twisted vines and leaves, preparing to make off with him immediately. Addressing the creature immediately, several members start across the river, but one quick-witted party member, Aya, simply put the creature to sleep, freeing Jack instantly and harmlessly. With the threat eliminated, the party decided it was time to leave complexity and simply jump the river. Utilizing teamwork again, several members was able to cross the river effortlessly, and while a couple of them fell into the water, they were quickly rescued by their team members and pulled onto shore.

Having experienced enough for one day, the group decided to camp and rest. With the more experienced members guiding them, the entire party participates in building a small campsite along the mountainside, where they are able to gain shelter from the elements. With their large companion dragon forming a perimeter around the area, the party began to fall asleep.

However, late in the night, out of the darkness, small plant-like creatures began to scale the dragon's unfeeling back. Recognizing the creatures immediately, the awake party members prepared to defend the others from the Deadly Nightshades that had descended upon the party's campsite. The 'scare' was short-lived, as Daedalus simply devoured many of them despite warnings from Genesis to do otherwise. With the threat neutralized and the other creatures retreated, the party settled down again... until Daedalus began to experience nauseating symptoms from Nightshade poisoning. Using their knowledge of plants and of the jungle surrounding the area, Kaijo and Genesis departed alone into the forest, avoiding several deadly creatures and dangerous plants along the way and assisting one another to locate the pieces required for Genesis's remedy to Nightshade poisoning. While recovering the final ingredient, Genesis finds something he didn't expect...

Returning promptly, the two of them haul each other back through the jungle to their original campsite, where Genesis prepared a remedy to Daedalus's poisoning, who recovered quickly afterwards. The next morning, the group parted their campsite, making sure to erase all evidence of its and their existence. Heading to the mine opening, they are finally greeted by the creature that had been spying on them the day before, a very large spider identified as an Arachnia, a very territorial spider that occupies mountainous regions it deems its home.

Confronted by the defensive creature, the party struggled with harming it or moving it from its place in front of the mine entrance. After nearly a half-hour of facing off with the relentless creature, the party begins to strategize using the results from a couple of people's attacks, and after discovering that the creature was scared of fire and bright, sudden flashes such as explosions, the group begins to evade the creature and maneuver it away from the cave entrance using fire to keep it at bay.

However, as the group proceeded through the narrow mine shaft, MOMO quickly alerted the group that their oxygen levels were depleting, being consumed by the fire as they went further and further away from the entrance. With their weapon against the spider removed, the party is forced into an adrenaline-pumped race through the mine shaft, with the spider hot on their heels.

As they ran through the mine, they came to a fork... unfortunately, they didn't have enough time to make a unanimous choice, and the group split under stress, with the group on the left descending into the mines and the group on the right ascending into the mountain. The descending group lost the spider with the assistance of a spell cast by Aldo, though they were forced to overcome several sudden obstacles along the way. The ascending group, with the spider not chasing them, were able to navigate their obstacles much more easily, but had to instead spend their time finding a way to meet back with the others.

After navigating their respective mazes, the two groups were able to locate each other in an enormous chasm that overlooked a reservoir basin, many lengths down. Lowering each other down to the other group, the ascending group was reunited with their friends. After navigating away from the precarious ledge and chasm, Aldo, following the signatures of mana in the area, led the group to a greate spider web, with one of the desired items suspended above them. After some difficulty with the web, the group was able to safely secure their first objective, which was identified as a mana-infused short sword of some deadly power, as described by Aldo.

With their pursuant creature vanished, one item in hand, tired, and homesick, the party decided to return another time, and after exiting the mines, crossing the river, following the stream that runs from the mountain into the jungle, and tracing their footsteps back to their Puddle Jumper, the party is able to return safely home.

Event Complete
Mission: Accomplished

Mission XP: 10 XP

Reward: 0 credits (per person)

Goodies Found:

1x "Serpent's Fang" Short Sword (Armory)
1x Cure for Nightshade Poisoning formula (Genesis)
1x "Concede" Materia (Genesis)

Bonus XP:

Quick-Thinking: Aya (2xp)
Resourceful: Genesis (2xp)
Teamwork: Party (3xp)
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